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    Wave 6 hitting stores

    Just do a search for the figures, not hard to find at all!

    Edit: The Concept Snowtrooper sold out.

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    Thanks for the heads up, Battle Droid. Ordered a Smuggler Lando, Torture Rack Han and 4-LOM for myself.
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    Man, four months with nothing, and now they're churning 'em out like nobody's business!
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    Thanks Battle Droid, I just got 4-LOM, Lando, Han and General McQuarrie

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    I Just Got Han, Lando And Ralph. Each 6.99 Plus Shipping Which Is Not Bad.

    It Was 4.50 With Shipping.

    Thanks For Letting Us Know.

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    I placed an order for a few, then saw after the order processed that the ship date wasn't until late next week. Fat chance they'll be there then, and to cancel one or two would result in their hefty shipping charges. I cancelled the order. If I find 'em, I find 'em.
    That's my jacket!

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    Thanks Battle Droid. I ordered 4-Lom, McQuarrie Rebel, Han Torture, Lando Smuggler. Four figures is right over $25.00 which qualifies for Super-Saver free shipping. Sweet!

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    4-LOM and the General are sold out, 2 Lando's left.

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    I hate amazon now. Since they started letting everyone and their brother sell things on their site it's become really hard to navigate and find exactly what you want.

    I wonder where all the McQuarrie snowtroopers that should have been in this wave are?


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