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    FYE now stocks TAC

    My local FYE (Bluefield WV) has TAC Wave 2, where i purchased the McFett, though there is one very unfortunate catch...the price 13.77!!! Thats right $13.77 per figure, now i dont know if most of you have a local FYE, or if you did you would spend that much on TAC figures, but i figured i would pass it along since i have never seen Star Wars figures at that chain. Only catch on the Fett was the damaged card, it looked like someone tried to peel the sticker off and creased the card back badly, though that wasn't a bad thing for me, since i was wanting one loose anyway. Sad that FYE jumped the price up so much i needed the X Wing Biggs but no way am i paying that much for him, espically when i get him online for 3 bucks less than that with shipping and handling, but again i figured i would pass this along in case anyone has a local FYE to try hunting at.

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    Are they high??? Toywiz doesn't even inflate their prices that high anymore!
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    What's FYE?

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    "For Your Entertainment." A conglomerate that has taken over Camelot Music, Wherehouse, and several other chains.

    I'm not sure how they're still in business. They've been grossly inflating prices on everything for decades--under all the various names they were using prior to FYE.
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    FYE is a Record/DVD chain store, they're known for high prices and the such on their merchandise since they're found in malls and shopping centers.

    LOL, and yes i think they're high, and if not they should use that excuse to justify their prices, but i guess if your hard up for something new, or for the concept chases then...they got ya by your short and curlies. Gotta love Capitolism supply and demand.

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    If I found a McVader on a mint card at FYE, I might just drop 13.77 on it, since I can't find one at retail elsewhere anyway.


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