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    Suggestions for the future of AOTC figures (SPOILERS)

    We've seen them for all the lines (POTF2 Deluxe, Invasion Force, Overdone rescupts), and we've seen some less-than-desireable figures for AOTC (Peasant Anakin probably taking the lead).

    So what scene-specific characters, or characters in general, don't we want? Here's my list:

    1) No Jango Fett every quarter.

    We have plenty for 2002, but maybe one more in 2003, a more neutrally-posed Arena Jango.

    2) No silly beasts

    We do not need a Shaak. We do not need a Shaak with bucking action. We do not need an Anakin packaged with it.

    3) No pointless rehash characters from Coruscant.

    The nightclub and Dex's Diner seem to be filled with characters that lack the originality of Mos Eisley cantina. So worry about the ANH characters before any of these. We don't need a Honka or Rednax or Septo Waa or Katwalla or Bogg Tyrell. If anything, make the new aliens first. We can always customize Sebulba, Nikto, Ketwol, and Greedo.

    4) Don't make Padme's family...yet

    Cliegg and Owen Lars, and Beru Whitesun are much better choices. The Naberrie family is rather bland.

    5) Continuity.

    Senators Binks and Orn Free Taa without a Senator Amidala. Kamino Fetts without a Kamino Obi-Wan. It took us more than two years to get a Shmi figure. Try to do theme waves so that we're not piecing together scenes with scene-specific figures until the end of time.
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    Good topic Tenebrous. I for one don't mind re-sculpts, I just don't like the re-sculpts coming shortly after the original figure comes out. Like the E1 figures, for instance.

    I agree, do not make Jango Fett the Maul of Episode II's figure line. We have by April 23rd, three versions. Preview Jango, Removable Helmet Jango, and Deluxe Jango. And there is a Jango:Arena Battle figure on the lists. Enough for a while.

    No more non-jedi outfit versions of Anakin for now. We want the Jedi Duel version of him. I understand why he wasn't released on day 1, since he would have came with 2 lightsabers and that removable play feature.

    No more re-sculpts of the figures we have from E1, Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin could have waited, so that we could have gotten new charecters that are jedi's. If any of the council members from E1 that havent gotten figures yet are in the arena battle, those should have came first.

    If you are gonna do a new version of Padme, do one of her in one of her nice gowns. Instead of the white Arena outfit. The arena outfit looks nice, but Padme is all about gowns. Oh well, atleast we have a pilot Amidala on the list for this year, but lets get some gowned versions.

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