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    Will the preview figures be available on 4.23?

    I have seen the "supposed" case asortments for the 4.23 release and don't notice any of the 4 preview figures there. Am I overlooking something? Will the Clonetrooper NOT be available in either of the assortments on the 23rd? With Hasblo's track record of distribution, I expect the previews figures will elude some people because of low initial numbers (everyone got their Eeth Koth's yet?) and usual "wait a month after you first see them until you get yours" motto. I'm also sure the scalpers will return big time. Do I need to be greedy and snap up all the Clonetroopers possible? Will there be a shortage of clones?

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    It looks like the Clonetrooper and Zam are confirmed for Collection 1, but not for 4.23. Jango will probably be C1, and R3 will be C2.

    The preview figures will probably be delayed on the blue cards to avoid oversaturation of these figures. Sort of like the POTF2 STAP vs. the Ep1 STAP. The preview one shelfwarmed, and thus the regular version because scarce. I'd imagine the preview assortment will be recarded and reshipped by autumn, with quantity depending on sales records.
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    It's possible, but I doubt that the preview figs will come out with the main ones.
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