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    Sooo... what's up with these Halo games?

    I'm watching this thing on SpikeTV about tonight's release of Halo 3 and they're making it out to be this huge cultural phenomenon. Something I've apparently completely missed the bus on. I've never played any of these, but always thought they just looked like every other first person shooter on the market. Nothing special.

    So, is it the story? The gameplay? The multiplayer options? Why are these games so "great"?
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    I'm in the same boat as you are. Maybe it's because we don't have XBoxes?

    Star Wars Lego is so much cooler than this could possibly be.
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    Well, they have the game on PC and Mac. I remember Halo tournaments in our Macintosh labs at my college. At the time, I thought Doom 3 looked more interesting (yes, they have that for the Mac as well).

    All I really see from Halo is just a bunch of guys in motorcycle helmets running around shooting aliens. Nothing original by any stretch of the imagination. So, unless it just has some amazing multiplayer features, I don't see what the big deal is.
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    I have an xbox and yet have never played any of the Halo games and I can't imagine it being anywhere near SW Lego or even Battlefront!

    Maybe the online play is what people enjoy about it?

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    Uhhh... well... this is the third one. There were two other games that were very popular, and this is the third one.

    OH! There's this you can read also...

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    Most of its hype comes from its online/multiplayer features. Halo's sci-fi story and gameplay isn't anything too revolutionary from your typical FPS (First Person Shooter). I'd say the trilogy of games rates better than most of your typical first person shooters, but aside from the online multiplayer stuff it falls short of achieving anything new in the genre to rank in the Doom, Goldeneye, Metroid Prime category of long-time favorite FPS games.
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    And there's the enormous amount of push it's gotten from Microsoft to make it what it is.

    We've been playing Halo 2 around my house for a while, but don't do any on-line gaming at all (yet.) Fun enough game though, but yeah, I would say that it has never impressed me as being anything other than a good solid shooter. I never look at it and think, "Wow! That was amazing."

    Been playing "Lost Planet" a bit lately... and even that I'd say has been more memorable.

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    The online feature is what makes these games so much fun. I didn't think it was a big deal either, until I started playing Halo 2 online with a friend of mine over at his place (he has the system and an hd tv) and had a total blast. Like with any good game you can spend hours on it and not even realize how long you have been playing.

    Madden is still the game for me though.
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    I played the original Halo once. I thought it was extremely average.
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    Meh, nothing special. Give me Unreal anyday over Halo
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