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    Wave 6 Quick review

    Just got them in sans the McSnowSnow guy.

    Lando - Not as bad as pics made him out to be. Good articulation. Paint job is ok. Got one with decent eyes looking straight ahead instead of up. This figure doesnt need much as he is only seen in the Falcon in the movies anyways. Overall B-

    Han in Torture Rack. The Torture Rack is good. Han is not. The pics turned out to be true. A pile of dung is the figure. The only reason it gets a decent grade is because of the rack C+

    4-LOM - Not a necessary resculpt, but a nice one. Great articulation. Good paint job. Very nice probably the best of the wave. My only fault is one leg is slightly shorter than the other and wont stand with out leaning or a stand. A-

    General McQuarrie - This could have been the best, but he has NO, NONE, 0, GOOSE EGG, NADA leg articulation. A very nice sculpt, good to have more Hoth troopers. Removable Hat(ala Han Hoth VTAC). If he had leg articulation, very easily an A, but he gets a B+
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    IMO, the torture rack isn't accurate enough - the straps are set up wrong and there aren't enough implements - so it doesn't help this set enough. Han is such a bad kettle of fish though it's horrible, I'd give it a D+ at best.

    I think 4-LOM was a necessary resculpt, I would have liked to see a tighter sculpt on the figure but otherwise it's pretty good.

    I didn't get the others.
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    I'm glad to hear about KH's A- grade for 4-LOM as that's the one figure I really want from this wave. It's been nearly 10 years since the POTF2 sculpt and so he definitely needed to be repacked onto a single card but since it has been so long, Hasbro might as well resculpt him as the older version just doesn't cut it alongside the likes of VTSC IG-88, Bossk, Saga Dengar and your choice of VOTC Fett or 300th Fett.

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    Picked up McSnowtrooper and torture rack Han today. Haven't opened them yet. As a whole, I wasn't really amazed by this wave. Not sure why yet.

    I picked up Han for the sheer oddity factor. (Seriously, how many torture themed toys do we get?) The McQuarrie Snowtrooper is cool, just like all of the concept figures, but it really seems that they didn't put as much effort in to this one. Isn't as cool as the illustration on the card... looks much different also.

    I passed on the others for now. Lando looks good, but I honestly never cared about the smugglers outfit thing. General McQuarrie's cool also, but nothing super special. (I'm betting that he'll be easy enough to find as time goes by.) 4-Lom does look great, but I didn't really need a new one... be just an impulse buy at this point if I got him, so maybe later.

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    A nice rack can make up for a lot of bad things....

    JT, how do you know so much about torture racks?

    4-Lom looks good, but can't find 'em....
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    I actually prefer the POTF2 4-LOM over this one. I don't know why. This one seems really cheap and flimsy. Is it just mine or does everyone have a problem with General McQuarrie's head popping off when you turn it? I got a few Luke and Han stormtroopers from the comic packs for about $.99-$1.99 a piece in the last couple weeks to make new Luke and Han troopers via head swaps. I'm gonna take one of the Han's and do a head swap on the torture rack one.
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    I saw this wave yesterday along with waves 4 & 5 and waves 2 & 3 of Saga Legends. After months of drought, now we're getting multiple waves at once.

    Anyways, I only picked up 4-LOM and he is an awesome figure..... except that when I was trying to twist his rifle hand to hold his rifle, it twisted right off! Now I have to get some SuperGlue or just buy a new 4-LOM.
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    It's nice to get a new 4-Lom. The old POTF2 one's head is almost twice the size. The paint on the old one is kinda wierd with rust accents.
    I really like this new one. I didn't notice one leg being longer than the other, as his feet are articulated as well as his knees. So mine stands ok. I don't know why we need a super-articulated 4-Lom, but I'm very happy with this one. For the most part, this is how all figures need to be re-done.

    His rifle is alot sharper sculpt than the old one also.

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    Let's edit your statement...

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    I only picked up 4-LOM and he is an awesome figure. I was trying to twist his rifle hand to hold his rifle, it twisted right off!
    Not really so awesome anymore, is it?
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    My 4-LOM's wrists are fine but the same thing that happened to BigB happened to my CZ-4 with the wrist breaking off.

    Maybe I was spoiled by VTSC Bossk and IG-88 but I think 4-LOM's sculpt could've been done with even more details.


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