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    No Yarna is 2008 - maybe I'll just quit collecting.


    3.) With a new Max Rebo Band set coming out, could we finally be close to getting a figure of Jabba's palace dancer Yarna del' Gargan?

    ANSWER: She's on the short list of ones we would like to do next, but we have not confirmed so. Hopefully by 2009.

    She may be the most requested figure from the FILMS from Hasbro's own poll, but they still consider her just on the short list. They have had year after year after year to get this figure done and Hasbro won't even commit to get the figure made by the end of 2009, over two years from now? I think it is just spite.

    It is days from October and I have never seen all of the figures from Waves 1, 2, 4, or 5. I have not seen all the figures I would have bought from Wave 3 if there had been adequate quantities. And this is with daily trips to the stores looking for figures. And Hasbro continues to assure us Legends is not hurting our chances of finding NEW figures.

    Maybe I'll just quit collecting. Hasbro can not see the danger it is in with the Star Wars line. JediTricks posted a thread about how he could see himself just walking away. If Hasbro loses the core collecting community, if we walk away in disgust, they will be left with only the children they claim carry the line. And then at long last they will learn the children were not the ones keeping the line profitable.

    They can deliver the Lucas Family through an exclusive, but they REFUSE to produce Yarna. If she is such a gamble for them we could give them any number of packs to put her in with figures they would feel for comfortable with. Or they could just sell her as an over priced exclusive.

    I am so sick of the way Hasbro treats collectors I could just lose it.

    If anyone needs me I'll be off debating whether I should buy any more figures. What is the point if they aren't going to make the figures we want?

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    Well, they are caving, it has gone from never, to possibly to a possibly date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    Well, they are caving, it has gone from never, to possibly to a possibly date.
    Exactly. At least she's on the short list.

    That's the most positive thing we've heard in years.

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    This is not positive at all. It has been 12 years into the modern line and they still can't get this done in the next two years? They have pretty much confirmed Ice Cream Maker Guy, but can't confirm her?

    They made fun of us with their "April Fool's Joke" and so many of you said, "Relax, they're only doing that because they are making her." Well even after that slap in the face it is still a maybe.

    Well maybe they won't get any more of my money.

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    How is saying she's on the shortlist of who they actually want to do, but they just don't have her on the schedule yet.... not positive. At least it means that she's coming eventually. They just need to find a wave to place her in '08 or '09. It's a hell of a lot more positive than what we've heard in the Tonnika Sisters situation.

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    It is not positive because they could make her and choose not to. We could have had her fifteen times already. They have chosen to do three Hammerhead sculpts, countless clones, and continue to refuse to do the most requested figure from the films in just about every poll. They make fun of the fans, know the strong support for this figure, and continue to just not make her.

    There may not be a Star Wars line in 2010 and if we are all just patient until then they might say, "Still on the short list. Be patient!"

    Enough time has passed that there could only be one positive statement: we are making her and here is when.

    Have you noticed how many figures they describe as being on their short list? It is not a very short list.

    After 12 years of not getting this figure they should have more than a hope to do her some day.

    And this isn't just me complaining about the figure I want. She tops the lists nearly every single time when it comes to figures fans want from the films.

    Steve Sansweet said she is the figure he most wants. This is not asking for some obscure figure.

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    I saw her on a rumor list for 2008 and I let myself get my hopes up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    I saw her on a rumor list for 2008 and I let myself get my hopes up.
    Hey, they claim she is on some list and they'd like to make her some day so that is just as good, isn't it?

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    I guess we should be happy that we get to spend yet another year swimming in Clone repaints so the losers can have their silly little armies.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    She is consistently the most requested movie character who has not been made.

    She came in third in the poll last year. Considering that Hasbro didn't have the decency to tell the people who voted for Quinlan that they were wasting votes, she came in second.

    She lost to Revan by a margin of less than 1%--even more impressive considering how many figures were in the finals, and how many votes must've been wasted voting for Quinlan, Neyo, and other figures who were already planned.

    Yet Hasbro considers Revan to be a "mandate" (they must've gotten their definition from Dubya, who thinks 51%/49% is a mandate), and they're making at least three KOTOR figures. No testing the waters, just blam two this year and one next. (And likely more.)

    Yet, with Yarna, they tease us with her, then tell us it's a joke. Many, myself included, assume that no company would ever have such callous disregard for their customers, and this is an indication she's planned.

    What will it take to get that one f***ing figure?

    I have never known a company to have such s****y customer relations. Defend them if you will, and I'm not b****ing that Revan and pals are getting made. But the fact remains: in very few businesses will customers so directly inform you of what they want, no strings attached, just a few figure requests. Just, "Can we please have ____?" And they obviously know we want her. Why not just make the fat broad? Christ, make her an exclusive, put her in a Battlepack--we might complain about how much she costs, but we'll buy her, and you'll never hear us complain about her again.

    I just really do not understand Hasbro. We tell them what we want to spend our money on, and they laugh at us and keep making frigging clones. The clones are already pegwarming. There's going to be a real problem with them if this keeps up even for one or two more years.
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