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    The Reason Behind the Hasbro Card Changes

    Has anyone else noticed the SW cards are getting uglier and uglier? Here are some of Hasbro's reasons from a hidden microphone in Hasbro's director's boardroom.

    A raise for someone who can make an uglier card than Epsiode I!
    Let's make generic - a way of life!
    Blue - it failed once, let's do it again!
    Blue it is, next year - plaid!
    We'll make it look like Batman, so maybe it'll sell more, couldn't sell less?
    People will be so disappointed with the cards they forget how much they are spending on them!!
    Well, we can't make it red, that bombed so bad, next year we'll make it red.
    Wal*mart said if we send them anything in a red package they'll send it back. I said that blows and blow sounds like blue, so....
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    With the exception of POTJ cards, they all looked cool. POTJ is the ugliest ever. Whoever though to put young obi-wan and Darth Vader on one card should be quartered.

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    I'd have to disagree.POTF2 and POTJ cards are/were probably the best ones I've seen out of all the cards made.
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    I actually like the new combined blue Star Wars figure cards, and the POTJ cards were great also. Of all the cards, I thought that the E1 cards were the worst. All black and red, looked horrible on the shelf. The new cards are a welcome change.

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    "The guards of the Galactic Senate wear striking robes of blue, symbolizing the Senate's supreme authority and the long tradition of its wise and just rule." - Episode 1 Visual Dictionary.

    Change that for Hasbro, and you get:

    "The cards of the Unified Star Wars line bear striking colors of blue, symbolizing Hasbro's supreme authority and the long tradition of failures and misconceptions."
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    The POTJ cards were one of the best looking cards ever mad IMO,the blue cards are also nice
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    i think hasbro should use the vintage format with all figures i like the real pictures on my cards

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    Whenever I look at a green card or orange card POTF2 after/while looking at a POTJ figure, it's so nostalgic of when you didn't have to go to several lengths just to get one figure but they were easier to get.

    The POTJ aren't too bad (could've been worse, could've been like the prototype versions with Luke instead of Obi), although I have to say overall, the POTF2 cards are the best. The Episode 1 cards aren't that bad, IMO, they were almost consistent with the POTF2 cards...

    The AOTC cards give off a more generic feeling, they Hasbro didn't really think about packaging and just took what might appeal to a collector nowadays so they will have at least one thing to like about it. with the gigantic bubble though, alot of the figures sure do look empty. Like the sneak preview R3-T7.
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    Ya redo the vintage card that would be awesome. But instead on the back use newer figures

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    Originally posted by boss nass
    i think hasbro should use the vintage format with all figures i like the real pictures on my cards
    I totaly agree with Boss Nass! Use the vintage format with the nice green and black from the POTF2 line, Man that would look great. I can see it now, Hasbro can't keep the shelf stocked due to multiple points of articulation and a great looking package. Then I woke up
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