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    Heisman commercial?

    Last year, Nissan sponsored a commercial about the Heisman trophy. It's been running a lot lately during NCAA football games, and I've been trying to tell just how many team mascots are shown.

    Here's what I've seen:
    - bouncing giant buckeye (Ohio St.)
    - cornhusker farmer (Nebraska)
    - mountain man (West Virginia? Tennessee?)
    - alligator (Florida)
    - hornets (Georgia Tech)
    - bulldog (Georgia)
    - bear (California? UCLA?)
    - buffalo (Colorado)
    - Trojan on horseback (USC)
    - tornado (Iowa St.? Miami?)

    Anyone else catch any others?

    [edit]While this post was made, it was on TV again (told ya it's been makin' the rounds a lot), and I noticed two others:
    - elephant (Alabama)
    - tiger (Auburn? LSU? Memphis?)
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    Heres a youtube link to commercial number one:

    And here is number two:

    I see a wagon (Oklahoma) and a steer (Texas) too.
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