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    How would you save Anakin's soul?

    Luke opted for the Gandhi-esque martyrdom method. He gets Vader/Anakin to begin feeling some guilt and compassion and that's enough to bring the old guy's good side back.

    But maybe the Galaxy could have been spared some pain and suffering if Obi Wan or Padme had just given Hayd-akin some of this:

    Any other ideas?

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    Yeah, go back in time and re-cast the Anakin part starting with AOTC, to somebody with better acting ability.

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    I would ask Jewel Kilcher to do it for me.

    And then she could save my soul. Meaning, of course, we could go into Tosche Station for some power converters.
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    i would keep it fresh in a tightly sealed bell jar. that's how i'd save it.
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    I would tell him about Jesus.
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    Cut off his head, keep it in a jar on me shelf.

    Either that or join him and destroy the Emperor, then convince him to be a good guy.
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    I would have faced him in the second Death Star and then when given the chance to kill him, tell the Emperor to go screw his baggy self and let Vader choose to save me instead.....

    Or just hosted a prevention party with his closest friends and family.....
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