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    Force unleashed 3-3/4 figs

    im suprised no one has posted this, i could find any post other than the minitures game.
    anyways here- oh moved to the right to see more

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    from what i can tell, it looks like the clones went through another change of armour. and vader got a beat down!
    and royal guards with lightsabers. like darth maul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mando3lite View Post
    im suprised no one has posted this, i could find any post other than the minitures game.
    anyways here- oh moved to the right to see more
    That pic is old now. We have known for some time about the first wave of figures. They were revealed at Toy Fair this year, IIRC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mando3lite View Post
    and vader got a beat down!
    Haters (like myself) refer to this one as "S***-Kicked-Out-Of-Him-P****-Vader."

    I do not hate the game. The game looks great.

    I hate the idea that anyone could cause such a hurting on Vader aside from Obi-Wan, Palpatine, or Luke. And I despise that a storyline allowing such an event was approved. Of course, this is the same Lucasfilm that approved all that Legacy BS.
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    Wow! That Darth Vader looks so cool! Where can I get one? And an Imperial Officer with breast implants! I'm going to army-build that guy for sure!

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    I am going to pass on most of these figures. The female imperial officer I will get as well as the black Royal Guard.
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    I have to say I am really looking forward to seeing this line in stores. It will be like back in the SOTE days. I really really really want Juno Eclipse. I planning on getting around 4 of the comic pack version so I can have a female officer in the traditional grey uniform and about 10 of Juno in the black outfit. would love to build a squad of female Imperials.

    I really hope they give us a TIE Crawler vehicle as well as Vader's Apprentice.
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    Didn't anyone see the SW Purge comic? Vader was beat down, pretty badly in that.

    As for Vaders Secret Apprentice, I positive that 1 or 2 figures will be made of him. He is the lead charater of the game. There was a rumor list over at RS. It's stated around 10 figures, some figure packs, and 2 vehicles to be released. Of course 1 of the "vehicles" isn't one at all, it's a Rancor with Rider, the other was the Rogue Shadow. I hope it's made, with no dumb tricks, like the Sith Infiltrator.

    And they did show a pic of Vaders apprentice, it was in the Unleashed mini sets.
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    That's my point.

    ANY EU that makes Vader such a pansy is unforgivable. I could overlook it in Purge or Dark Lord, since he was still so new to the armor that he was still getting used to it. But in those, also, he only lost an arm at worst. In Force Unleashed, it looks like there's not much left.

    Simply put, if just anyone can hurt Vader so badly, what's the point of this uber-villain? He's just a wuss in a suit of armor.
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    I wouldn't call him a uber-villian, as you say. Did you see Ep.3?? Anakin was a great swordsman, but still a wuss. He was so whinny when it came to Padme.

    And when we are first introduced, to Vader, there are no Jedi left to challenge him. Even after EP3, not many Jedi are left alive. Those that did survive Order 66, had to deal with all the Clones and Bounty Hunters looking for them. Thinning the number of Jedi, even further. So who accually know how long after Ep3,this game takes place. And even in the original trilogy Vader was nowhere near the fighter he was. He looked rather stiff fighting Luke and Obi-Wan.
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