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    How do the Ewoks get C-3PO across to the Ewok Village?

    Does he have to swing on the vine?

    Also how do they get the captive Luke & others across?

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    An intricate system of catapults, waterslides and those pipes from Mario world.
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    Those little guys are like ants. They make things out of wood very fast. They made that throne lickity-split. And those hunting party big game carriers, no problem when anticipating a meal of barbeque man-flesh.

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    The Ewoks could fly of course....nothing is more handy in dense woods like flight!
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    Very, very carefully. You don't want to drop a god, you know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qui-Long Gone View Post
    The Ewoks could fly of course....nothing is more handy in dense woods like flight!
    I thought that was just gliding?

    Man, those little buggers got strong arms.

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    If you looked at the Ewok Village, they had a net under there landing, thats how they got him up there.
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    The Kenner Ewok Village playset had an elevator, which through some cosmic coincidence happened to be human-sized. Though I'm sure they probably have a large-freight dumbwaiter to carry foodstocks and supplies up, which they could've used for 3PO and the others.
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