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    Exclusive Vader image!

    This probably isint the right forum, but here is the image of the exclusive Vader:

    Rebelscum just posted it!

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    "Very Nice, Very Nice....Nubian"

    I hope they do make that figure avaliable thru the fan club. A vac-metal black Darth Vader looks totaly cool. I wonder why they did his waist cape and his cape in blue though. Ehhh, oh well...still very very cool.

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    Yeah, he's awsome. I think they used blue on the cape to give it a metal and cloth feel at the same time. Here's the front picture.

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    Here's the back picture.

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    Orginally Posted by JarJarBinks
    I hope they do make that figure avaliable thru the fan club.
    I hope so too,I just dont get the colors.
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    He's colored like silver metal because of the 25th. anniversary. The 25th. anniversary is often referred to as the silver anniversary.

    Perhaps when we get to the 50th. anniversary Hasbro will make a gold metal Vader.

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    i like this vader image better, in the background. i wish the 12 inch version was like this.

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    If the figure is going to be sold as a fan club exlusive or somethin I bet it wont have the "2002 New York Toy Fair" part at the bottom
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    I hope they release it through the fan club as well.
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    I would like this figure as well. Hopefully through the Fan Club.
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