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    Twin Pod cloud car?

    Has there been a release of the twin pod cloud car yet? I know they were shopping for a vendor at some point.

    If I seem out of touch, I am. I've been deployed for Iraq for 2 years and am very out of the loop on collecting.

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    Just about everything we've heard from Hasbro implies that we will most likely never see this vehicle released in the modern line.

    The consolation is that vintage ones are still pretty cheap and easy to come by.
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    And the vintage one is pretty close to what you see in the movie so if one did come out soon it'd no doubts be a retooled version of that. If they didn't lose the mold which I believe I heard is the reason for not releasing it sooner...
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    Much as I love the Cloud Car, I doubt a rerelease would be wise, whether it be a straight reissue of the Vintage (if that's even possible), or an entirely new sculpt that would fit in the $20 vehicle price range. It's not a starfighter-type and I expect kids (and some adult collectors) would find it more than a little bit dull. I'd love to have one that had electronics -- lights and sound effects -- but that's not going to happen, either.

    As bigbarada said, your best bet is a true Vintage ship, off Ebay or elsewhere. Just make sure the canopy glass isn't too yellowed.

    BTW, welcome back to collecting!!!

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    I bought one in near-mint condition, with two original Cloud-Car pilots in unplayed with condition for 40.00 on eBay a few years ago. They are probably cheaper than that now.

    I believe Hasbro already said the molds were lost for the Cloud-Car, so even getting a re-release will be next to nil now.

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    Thats sad, the cloud car is one of my favorite vechiles from the OT, i figured one of them would come out soon, at least within the next 2-3 years.

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    After possibly the AT-TE, it's certainly the most requested.
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    I'd get a new one if the interior was better. I'm not holding my breath for electronics, but that would put it over the top and a must have. The vintage mold is fine by me (again with adjustments to the interior).

    In fact I bought a vintage cloud card for $5 a few years ago. Just the stickers were peeling off, but other than a little cleaning it was in great shape.

    I suspect if Hasbro made this new, they'd want $20 for it. It's NOT a $20 ship. $15 maybe, but for $20 it should have electronics in it.
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    The only thing I'd change from the vintage one, would be sculpted & painted details where the decals are on the vintage one.

    This was always one of my favs as well. I loved it so much I did a retro review on it:

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    I always hated the Twin Pod Cloud Car. Dumb useless design and pansy color. What the F is the second pilot for?


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