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    Exclamation Absolute Must Haves before the Line Folds

    Sure, the ideal is to have every character from every movie in every "look" they had turned into an action figure.

    But assuming that Hasbro won't do that, what figures should Hasbro spend their time making for the collectors before the whole thing folds again like it did after ROTJ?

    1. The entire EWOKS line including VLIX! No fiddling... just remake the originals as they were.

    2. The entire DROIDS line. No fiddling... just remake the originals as they were.

    3. Any ANH Cantina aliens who haven't been made.

    4. Any Jabba's Palace aliens who haven't been made.

    5. ?

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    I'd like to elaborate on #4 above and add "(Especially Yarna d'al Gargan, if only to shut us up)."

    5) Tey How

    6) Any Padme costume that's not been made

    7) Any Jedi Knight who hasn't been made

    8) Decent resculpts of Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, Evazan, Barriss, and anyone else who's lacking

    9) All new-sculpt VOTC Lando Calrissian with removable cape using Dutch Vander mold
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    Can we move any "resculpts" the back of the line?

    Seriously, the way I look at it is that all of these resculpts distract them from doing all new characters who haven't been done yet. Unless a figure is egregiously terrible, like Monkey-faced Leia, then it would be nice if they just dropped the resculpt thing and concentrated on finishing out the character list. Hasbro may have this license thing for a while yet, but the truth is, once sales dip below a certain point, whatever that happens to be, it's over whether all the characters are done or not. I'd rather live with a B-grade sculpt on a character than not have some of the characters at all. But that's just me.

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    I'd consider Dr Evazan in Goofy Disguise and Barriss Offee: Opera Diva to be "egregiously terrible."
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    Tales of the Jedi (Nomi, Exar, Ulic, and Tott)
    Finish all Kenner done characters.
    Legacy of the force novel characters (If the lines going down give it over to te fan boys whole heartedly and then at least hasbro would have a scape goat..."It was those damn novel characters").
    Finish all figures on the fan's choice poll...(A good send off if there was ever one.)

    Promise they'll return in 10 years with all new figures POTF3!!!!

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    From Jabba's Palace/sail barge: Yarna, Palace Klaatu, Taym Dren-Garen (he shot Luke), Sgt. Doallyn, Palace Ishi Tibb.

    Cantina: Tonnikas, Bom Vimdim, Saurin, Ranat, Dice Ibegone

    Prequels: Young Owen, Young Beru, Cliegg, Queen of Alderaan (come on, they raised the heroes!)

    Vintage line: Palace Klaatu, Black Bespin Guard, Lumat, Warok, Romba (I know at least one of these Ewoks is already coming), Sim Aloo

    Also: Captain Needa, the last Imperial officer named on screen in the original trilogy still unmade and the Multiarmed droid from droid sale which is the last major droid from that scene to be left unmade

    If they made those figures I could be very satisfied with the line. I feel like each of these is important, but I will feel really let down if at the end of the line they have not made:
    YARNA D'AL GARGAN, the Tonnikas, Young Owen, Young Beru, and Cliegg.

    And if pushed, I guess I could live without Owen, Beru, and Cliegg since I care less and less about figures from the prequels.

    But one of the main things I want to do is make a scene of Jabba's Palace and the cantina and I really feel like they will seem empty without Yarna and the Tonnikas.

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    SA Qui-gon and SA Obi-wan (TPM)
    PILOT Battle Droid (not that crappy one done in the small vehicle pack either!
    Any Padme not yet done!
    Dr. Evazan, We really need a definitive version of this character. All the others have sucked.
    Torryn Farr
    Medical Frigate Luke
    EWOKS! (Especially Mother Ewok w/wokling-rumored but I haven't seen prof yet, so I'm going to keep asking)

    There are more I'd like, but these are prolly my top picks (just off the top of my head).
    Move along, move along

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    One more for now. If even just to humor us, for God's sake, produce a damned Teek figure. Once again, I'll point out that it could be released in the Star Tours line. Hell, I'm not a big fan of Battlepacks with one new figure, but release a Starspeeder 3000, Rex, Ree Yees, Chewbacca, Ackbar, and Teek. Only one new figure, and the Starspeeder could probably be blown up from the smaller molds, with a bit of new sculpting inside.
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    ROTS 2-1B
    Super Articulated Supreme Chancellor Valorum
    Removable Helmet Darth Vader (movie accurate without eyebrows)
    Ice Cream Maker Guy
    Biggs (with his cape this time)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    ROTS 2-1B
    Isn't that coming early next year?
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