I just looked out the window, walked outside and smelled the faint smoke in the air, and thought we need a thread about this.

It won't really be my thread. The fires ARE in San Diego, but I cannot see them from where I live and my area seems relatively safe (central San Diego - a very suburban environment, with not too much open-space except on hillsides opposite the freeway and along the river banks).

But I want other Californians or concerned countrymen to have a place to post their experiences with the fires.

I have friends being evacuated right now and hurrying to rescue their animals (horses included along with cats, dogs, rabbits, etc.) And I may be boarding at least one friend or more until it is safe for her to return to her area.

One of my Star Wars buddies reported being able to see the hillside ablaze not very far from where he lives. Another SW buddy we have not heard from at all. (Update: he's on standbye evacuation - I was just told while I was typing this).

So if you have anything further that you want to contribute regarding the fires, now we have a thread for it.

I wish my fellow Californians all my best, hope for their safety, and good luck regarding the protection of their pets and property. We'll get through this like we did with the fires in 2004.