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    Naval Ship models

    I recently bought 2 Easy Model attack subs. They come from overseas in asia and they come prebuilt and prepainted. Luckily a US company decided to import these babies. USS Seawolf/class and Akula class. I've been wanting something like this for a while they are plastic and about 8" long give or take. They also make USS Jimmy Carter USS Los Angeles USS Greenville with DSRV minisub on its back as well as new generation diesel electric russian Kilo class a chinese navy sub and a japanese sub. They also have 3 world war II subs. Hopefully they will make a Typhoon Ohio and Virginia class as well. I might even get the Alfa class even though that SOB is one of the noisiest subs ever built. According to my sub book when the Alfa was launched it could be heard as far south as here in VA. The Jimmy Carter should have "surrender" in every language written on the hull.

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