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    SL TC-14 supposedly recalled according to Wal Mart

    Hey all, was at Long Beach Cali wal mart today found 2 SL TC-14's amongst a gaggle of other great stuff (no new wave 7 yet) went to go purchase my wares and the cashier runs both TC's over the scanner and she says she can't sell them to me. So I ask her, very nicely of course if I could speak to a manager and the manager comes and scans the TC's and she show's me that it says "DO NOT SELL, RECALL"?? I saw it with my own eyes and they took the TC's away from me to the back room NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo! Seriously though I understand but I wish they could have told me why they were recalled, but they did not know. Just wanted to share that with everyone, I'm curious to see if this was a fluke or not!
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    If you want to manipulate walmart into selling you these, copy a similar UPC onto a sheet of adhesive sticker paper at kinkos, cut it out, stick it in your wallet, slap it on a TC-14 and buy it. No harm done and you paid fair market value for it.

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    Cool advice. Still, might we wonder what the heck the recall was over?

    My guess would be a lead in the paint issue with that one shiny metallic hew they use on TC-14. The other figures don't have that and only C-3PO is that shiny with modern figures still shipping (except perhaps R2-B1's dome?)

    But TC-14 was put out in 1999 standards, and almost any C-3PO you find today (that's shiny - ROTS or later in the saga) is from a 2005 or more recent application.

    I suppose this was all very interesting to type about at 1 in the morning. I will now continue elsewhere explaining why the sky is blue. (Well, actually it's night time right now, so the sky is black).
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    Odd, I found one at a Khols last week and it might have been one of two that wouldn't scan for some reason amongst four others that did.
    The clerk entered it maually, and I bought it.
    Guess we'll be finding out what the who-ha is soon enough.
    I suspect that it could be lead in the metallic finish also.

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    HTS has it available for sale right now.
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    Anyone have the latest codes for HasbroToyShop?

    If so, what are the codes good for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post
    If so, what are the codes good for?
    Deactivation of the Death Star's deflector shield.

    I hope the codes are worth the price we paid for them.

    Many Bothans died to bring us this information.
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    I would wager it's the tiny silver cups the fig came with that make it "dangerous"- tho for most of us the greater danger is having one pop out of the package while it's being opened and never being found again
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    If it's been recalled, why hasn't there been an announcement? Some would've already have been purchased and could be poisoning JabbaJohnL as we speak!

    I wonder if the UPC was a digit off from something that was recalled and they mixed 'em up in the computer?
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    I'm glad I already found mine. It's a super cool figure.

    There is zero about this product being recalled on either the Hasbro site or the Consumer Product Safety Commision site; the CPSC is usually very up to date. (

    Could just be a fluke?


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