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    Greetings from Aghanistan

    Hey guys, its been a while since I have posted last. I have been in Afghanistan for 6 months now. Six left to go!!!!!! Anyhow, things are going as good as they can. We have been moved around to a few base, but are at a permanent one. We are on the the Pakistan border. When I say on the border, I mean I can shoot my rifle and the bullet lands in Pakistan. I am on a 11 man PMT group. (Police Mentor Team) Anyhow when we aren't working we are going crazy cause we don't have jack to do at our base, so we hit golf balls when we have 'em. They problem is when they land in the moon dust we have around our base we lose 'em. I was wondering if anybody had some golf balls they would like to donate to some bored soldiers. Preferably colored ones. (beggars can't be choosers) Please let me know.
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    Good to know you are alright. Stay safe Chris
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    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the update...glad to know you are safe. Thank you for your service to our country.
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    Hey Chris. Glad to see you posting here. It's been a little while since we talked. Stay safe!
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    Thanks for checking in Chris, glad to see you're doing a'ight.

    Pakistan border, pretty wild! Not sure you should be shooting your rifle over that border though. Police Mentor Team - what's the "mentor" part about? You guys teaching the Afghans to rise from their keystone cops policing?

    You're driving golf balls on the world's biggest sandtrap and you're surprised they're getting lost? I don't play, but I'll see if my local course has any they want to donate.
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    Police mentor team sounds interesting - the RCMP have people in Kandahar teaching local police how to try and recognize threats - no mean feat when the threats are so numerous over there and can come out of nowhere at any given time. Must be very challenging to say the least. I wonder how the interactions are going between the Reg Force soldiers from the different countries and the private security types like Blackwater that have been in the news so much lately.

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    I don't think it's looked on too well if Chris (or Sith-Killer, who's also in Afghanistan) discusses it.

    I'm not certain about the rules they must follow, or if their web activities might even effect their promotion or at a minimal, socialization with their fellow comrades-in-arms.

    I try and be supportive of Chris (and Sith) because I respect the job they are doing -and admire it - I am not healthy enough for that kind of mission at all any more. And it's important for me to know that they are safe and successful, and as comfortable and happy as can be. (I plan on researching "sending golfballs to Afghanistan" before I committed to anything with that request.)

    Anyway, my father was career-military and I don't debate the mission with our guys (SSG guys) who are overseas right now. Sith-Killer used to be very active in the Rancor Pit and we tossed a number of things around. But I think his posts almost stopped since he was deployed, and it might have more to do with military policy and tabboo, than whether he has internet access.

    These guys have a job to do - and as jjreason pointed out, a darn hard one! Their mission is really to bring law and order to a country that teeters on anarchy. I think a lot of people confuse skepticism of the mission with being unsupportive of the troops. Sorry - that would be an incorrect perception about me, as I've been writing Chris on MySpace for some time, trying to always remember to make sure he never feels forgotten. It'd be a whole lot easier and more comfortable for him if all he had to do was wait in a 24 hr. Wal-Mart with me, only to be disappointed as they get in another shipment of nothing. Heck, having an adventure like Chris is doing would be incredible - but I know from my father's experience that it also requires an incredible committment and you can't walk away from it when you suddenly feel like you want to be doing something different with your time.

    My hat is off to Chris (and Sith-Killer) - (and Slicker too - who's serving overseas as well - and I appologize for forgetting some of our guys) because I could not do what these guys are doing. It'd literally kill me.
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    I've PMed Chris to get an address as to where to send the golf balls. I'm sure he'll get back to us soon. C'mon guys it won't break the bank to help Chris out.

    As a matter of fact, it looks like the troops have already bounce a ball off of old Ayman al-Zawahri's forehead (bin-Laden's #2 stooge). I'd love for Chris to make it a matched set. Let's give him the ammo, folks!

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    Great to hear you are doing well. Come home safe.
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    A few nights ago, I was talking to a colleague of mine here at work about your request (I'm not a golfer, he is, so I was asking about where to make my purchase).

    Anyway, he's an Army vet (Viet Nam) and tonight he gave me a bag containing 24 golf balls of various colors. He was happy to send them your way (his name is Rick). He said when he was in Viet Nam, his request for his leisure activity was for a tennis racquet and tennis balls! Somehow, tennis in Southeast Asia is a picture I just can't quite see.

    They're ready to go as soon as we get the address!
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