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Thread: Why?why?why?

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    do we really need another qui-gon figure?

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    hasbro must of read my posts regarding this jango fett 12 inch figure. it has no body, because they know i'll throw that away, and i guess i get to paint the head myself. and when they easily could of put this in a regular box, they put it in a big one and double the price. nice going hasBLOW!!

    p.s. i know it's a prototype

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    Naboo Qui-Gon mixed with Jedi Duel Qui-Gon possible pose without the articulation and just the pose? With a blue saber? And those stupid energy blasts. I HATEHATEHATE those things! I'm so pleased to know they don't remember the last Qui-Gon figures not selling, and I'm glad to know there will be at least one known Episode 1 traditional peg-warmer on the pegs.
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    Ok Hasbro did you guys see EP1 Qui-Gon is GONE, DEAD, NOT COMMING BACK, well I guess he might be back, but only as a spirt. But if he does come back as a spirt where the hell was he in the first three real STARWARS movies?
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    where the hell was he in the first three real STARWARS movies

    He'll be back as a brief holo-recording with Dooku, but why we needed another one for that is beyond me.

    There's word that Qui-Gon will be inserted somehow into Ben's living quarters in ANH, possibly as a holo-photo, with the full six-part trilogy. He wasn't in the first three because Liam Neeson was far from being cast.
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    With the use of realscan you'd think they'd have done a better face for Qui-Gon!
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    Resculpt resculpt resculpt . . .

    This is the DUMBEST one yet. Who even likes Qui Gong?

    ArrrghHHH!!! Sorry, I'm just irritated because the one resculpt I actually yearn for . . . R5D4!!! . . . is nowhere in sight!

    Stupid stupid stupid . . .

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    two packs

    Was or is this Qui-Gonn the one that was supposed to go in the cancelled deluxe two-packs?? Qui-Gonn vs Battle Droid and Jar Jar vs Destroyer Droid. They probably couldn't Liam Neeson to get back into the make-up and sit in the chair for the real scan. I.E. $$$$$
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    hairless chewie,

    neeson had his image scanned for E1 so his face could be superimposed on his stunt double. i see no reason why this data couldn't be transferred to the real scan process.

    but i don't want another qui-gon figure, ever. i like the guy, but enough is enough.

    figures i never want to see made again:

    tatooine luke

    these guys have been done to death!

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    Great jst what we need. Another Qui-Gon to sit in $1.50 bins for the next three years. I guess Hasbtro wants to make absolutely sure that there will be at least a few 100%-certain-to-be-peg-warmers. Hw about a few more E1 Jar Jars and E1 9-yr-old Anakins while you're at it? We get this stupid rehash instead of Yarael Poof, Yaddle, Evan Piel, Oppo Ranciss, Lott Dodd, a cool version of R5D4, General Dodonna, (or fill in the blank with an unmade figure).
    The wild-stanced E2 figure poses suck!!!!


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