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    What "stupid" characters do you want, and how serious are you?

    Inspired by Tycho's post in the Q&A thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    ...take the "Bea Aurthur Holiday Special Figure." I don't think most of us want that and the people who support it are joking.
    So, what figures do you want who are, for whatever reason, likely to never get made? I don't mean figures like Yarna, who stand a chance, no matter how slim. And how badly do you want them?

    For me, the bulk come from the little-explored made for TV projects from the old days, but not entirely:

    Akmeena (Bea Arthur)
    Noa Briqualon (Wilfred Brimley)
    Princess Kneesa
    King Terak
    Senator Grebleips (dedicated figure, likely with Senate pod)
    Smiling Kit Fisto resculpt
    Hi-Yaah Girl
    Mon Calamari Dancer
    Jocasta Nu
    Crazy Elephant Mask Lady (ROTS opera scene)
    Mother Ewok with Wokling(s)
    Trioculus (no matter how crappy the book, it'd be a cool figure)

    That's just a few. Granted, Jocasta and the Mother Ewok might stand a very, very slim chance of being produced, but they'd be incredibly long shots.

    How serious am I? I can say, without hesitation, I would buy any of these BEFORE I would buy:

    Any Han resculpt
    Any Leia resculpt
    Any Luke resculpt
    Any C-3PO resculpt (minus a decent AOTC figure)
    Any R2-D2 resculpt
    Any Lando resculpt
    Any Vader resculpt
    Any resculpted Cantina denizen (minus an Evazan who doesn't look like Goofy)
    Any resculpted Jabba's Palace denizen (minus Jabba himself in the proper scale)
    Any vehicle of any shape or size
    Any Obi-Wan (minus a decent AOTC figure)
    Any PT Jedi (minus a good Qui-Gon or those mentioned above)
    Any Rebel Pilot
    Any Sith Lord resculpt

    And that's not counting crap I'd pass on entirely anyway, like Legacy or Infinities characters. Hell, about the only things I'd buy before the "silly" figures above would be new Podracers, Jabba's Palace denizens, Cantina patrons, Tey How, Senators, unproduced Padmes, or Ewoks, none of which Hasbro seems in any hurry to give us.

    Free information, Hasbro. Feel free to use it, or ignore it as you do most suggestions. ("Know your market" isn't exactly your motto.)
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    I would buy Chukha-Trokh and Kaink in a heartbeat! It would make my year if Hasbro announced them for 2008.

    I don't want to list Skiff Guards, because they all have a reasonable chance of being made. Even a Barada resculpt isn't completely unlikely if the line continues long enough.

    Teek would be awesome as well. I'm not super enthused about a Noa figure, but if they have to make him to justify making Teek, then so be it.
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    I also have to add the grey Rebel Pilots from ROTJ, they're not easy to see, but they are visible in the briefing room. I've attached the concept drawing that originally lists them as B-Wing Pilots.

    Cane Adiss would be the next one, but it's completely dependent on how Hasbro fills in the gaps. IMO, there's no need to do this figure as anything other than two intertwining snake-like aliens. Supposedly, it's a two-headed creature with some stupid brontosaurus body, but that's silly. A "snake couple" makes the most sense to me. Seeing how Hasbro screwed up Hem Dazon, I don't really want to see them trying to invent a body for Cane Adiss.
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    Most of the characters in that list I'm not familiar with, but the Mon Cal Dancer is a figure I've been waiting for for a while now. I think she's pretty likely eventually as the design was used in the movie. I agree with Ackmena, and would also like to see all the Holiday Special cantina aliens that don't appear in ANH made eventually although it seems Hasbro isn't aware that there are original designs there to be considered.

    Cane Adiss is another figure I would love to see made (hence my profile name ) but I don't think the "two intertwined snakes" idea would work for an action figure. Plus, he's a pilot so he needs limbs. The "silly" lizardlike body idea is what works best IMO for his official dimensions and would make the most interesting toy. See my post in the forums.

    Jocasta Nu and the Ewok mother/child I think we will see soon, as there are alot of people who want these I think.

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    I would buy just about any figure from the Holiday special.

    Jocasta Nu
    Queen Jamilla
    Padmes Family
    Cleigg with hover wheelchair
    Mother Ewok with Wokling
    Hi-Yaah Girl
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    Hi-Yaah Girl has a name.

    The whole thing reeks of "What's the Story." Especially given that she looks more like a stinkin' Padawan than a Knight. I think I'll stick with "Hi-Yaah Girl," thank you.
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    I think any character that is in the films is not a "stupid" character. Maybe a boring one but not stupid. As far as EU goes I'm ok with them. They are "must haves" but they definately rank above another Han or Vader. The only figure I can really think of that I think is a stupid character but want the figure anyway would be Jaxon the big green rabbit. I do hope they make the figure and would definately buy it.
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    "There are no stupid characters, and hence there are no stupid figures. There are only stupid collectors who buy and complain about figures they don't have any interest in."
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    I was shocked when I found this quote. It's still hard for me to believe that the ancient Chinese collected toys! Who'd have known?

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    I still want Jaxxon, since that would be awesome. Kneesa too, for sentimental reasons.

    I think Hem Dazon's body had already been established by EU long before Hasbro made the figure.
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    There's a bunch of EU to list, but I wouldn't call them stupid - though some are obscure and very much diorama builders - like ancient Mandalorians to be under Mandalore's command.

    I don't know if they are stupid next to more resculpts, either but I do want:

    Jocasta Nu
    Queen Jamilla
    Padmes Family
    Cleigg with hover wheelchair
    Mother Ewok with Wokling
    Hi-Yaah Girl (Sarissa Jeng - thank you Chuxter)

    amongst others. (Nice list Kidhuman)

    Now I'd buy Ice Cream Maker Guy (Wilrow Hood) while others wouldn't.

    And I want all of Padme's outfits (most of them anyway) made.
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