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    10 Favorite GIJoes and Cobras

    Any continuity. Base it on cartoons, comics, toys, or a combination of the whole.

    1) Snake Eyes
    2) Scarlett
    3) Storm Shadow (I always preferred him on the side of angels)
    4) Lady Jaye
    5) Flint
    6) Stalker
    7) Roadblock
    8) Spirit Iron-Knife
    9) Dusty
    10) Gung Ho

    Cobras/Cobra Allies:
    1) Cobra Commander
    2) Baroness deCobray
    3) Zartan
    4) Destro
    5) Firefly
    6) Major Bludd
    7) Road Pig
    8) Zarana
    9) Dr Mindbender (yes, for all my joking about him, I rather like him)
    10) Buzzer

    Worst of all:
    1) Serpentor
    2) (big tie) the rest of Cobra-LA
    3) Duke
    4) Sgt Slaughter
    5) Crystal Ball (sorry, Mr King)
    6) Raptor
    7) Fred VII
    8) (another big tie) all of Battleforce 2000
    9) Cesspool
    10) General Flagg II (why?)
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    I don't know if I can think of 10 for each, but I'll try to do some lists without cheating and looking up old names and stuff:

    The Fridge
    Sgt Slaughter
    Sailor guy (Shipwreck?)
    Snow Suited guy with a beard and skis (no idea what his name was, was he even a Joe or a Cobra?)
    The dude who came with Mutt the Dogg
    Native American guy who came with the hawk, I think the bird's name was Spirit

    Hooded Cobra Commander
    Wild Weasel
    Doc Mindbender

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    Joes: Snake Eyes,
    Scarlett, Lady Jaye,

    Cobra: Storm Shadow,
    Cobra Commander,

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    Here's my Fav's

    GI JOE:

    1.) Flint
    2.) Snake Eyes
    3.) Stalker
    4.) Scarlett
    5.) Dusty
    6.) Mercer
    7.) Lt Falcon
    8.) Sgt Slaughter
    9.) Lady Jaye
    10.) Barbaque


    1.) Serpentor
    2.) Crimson Guard
    3.) COBRA Stinger Driver
    4.) Zartan
    5.) WORMS Driver
    6.) Buzzer
    7.) Dr. Mindbender
    8.) Tomax and Zamot
    9.) Baroness
    10.) Destro
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Snow Suited guy with a beard and skis (no idea what his name was, was he even a Joe or a Cobra?)
    Are you ready for this name? It's even better than Skidmark (yes, a real Joe later on).

    Snow Job

    The dude who came with Mutt the Dogg
    Mutt was the guy, and his dog was Junkyard. (Get it? Junkyard Dog? He was created by the guy who also gave us an Eskimo merc named Kwinn and gave a double-wink on the Dreadnoks by making their first names Tom, Dick, and Harry, and their last names Winken, Blinken, and Nod.)

    Native American guy who came with the hawk, I think the bird's name was Spirit
    Actually, Spirit was the dude. (He's often called Spirit Iron-Knife, throwing on his last name.) I think the eagle was Freedom.
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    1.) Cutter
    2.) Blowtorch
    3.) Snake-Eyes
    4.) Ripcord
    5.) Beachhead
    6.) Shockwave
    7.) Torpedo
    8.) Snow Job
    9.) Recondo
    10.) Grunt

    1.) Firefly
    2.) Major Bludd
    3.) Destro
    4.) Storm Shadow
    5.) Snow Serpent
    6.) Alley Viper
    7.) Copperhead
    8.) Zartan
    9.) Wild Weasel
    10. Hydro-Viper

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    Since the GI Joe topic has vanished, has anyone found more black timber snake eyes figures?

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    It hasn't vanished. It's hiding in plain sight.

    But, no, I've not found any black Timbers. I've not even seen a gray Timber to replace my broken one.
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    Target had a few regular snake eyes. I don't really shop there much, the Short Pump store tends to have more crap. I oughta go to the target next to walmart at chippenham and forest hill. Much closer.

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    Chux, thanks for the info...that all makes sense now, except I don't remember Kwinn, maybe a pic of the fig would refresh my memory.


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