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Thread: Family Guy ESB

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    Family Guy ESB

    Yakface says that Family Guy is doing an ESB spoof like they did with ANH - and the Giant Chicken is gonna be Boba Fett! This is gonna be sweet........
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    I just hope we don't have to watch a 15 minute fight with that chicken again.

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    Read about this a little earlier myself....looking forward to it.
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    I have a feeling no one will be quite as excited about this by the time Family Guy ROTJ comes along.
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    I hope they skip the Obi wan dialogue on dagobah. i'm pretty sick of herbert. he's just dull. given the cartoon style of ROTJ I think it'll come out best with FG characters though with cleveland as R2 who they gonna have play Lando? I guess ollie the weather man could be amusing. or seeing as it's pure fantasy Rufus Griffin. I can see Meg as a tauntaun.

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    I agree with Caesar, hope there is no 5 minute fist fight between the Chicken and Peter again. While funny, it gets drawn out.

    I am happy that the chicken is Fett, couldnt have been better.
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    People will love it along with ROTJ (after they make it). Then in about 15-20 years later Seth McFarlin is going to change some stuff then people will get salty.

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    Will they ever do The Phantom Menace ?

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    I think this could be one case where the prequels will be better than the OT (because you know they'd rip on them WAY WORSE than the OT) I hope they do all 6 but will be happy if it's just the OT, but thankfully there is money that could be made so .....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Will they ever do The Phantom Menace ?
    Of corpse! The SE's will finance TPM.


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