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Thread: Amazing Race

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    It's amazing how some of these contestants have matured/grown up/had revelations since the last time they'd been on TV. John is one of them, but Rachel, wow. She's not that annoying. And helping Margie and Luke through the challenge. I'd like to think that Rachel's act of kindness helped her and Brendan in getting the non-elimination pass.

    Interesting challenges with this ep. The bamboo trampoline and the pouring the drinks challenges were original.

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    The country singers got lucky. Another non-elimination round in just 2 - 3 weeks. There's no team I dislike but the girls have been skating by.

    Rachel, you gotta read the instructions better!

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    What a finish!

    How many teams were screwed up with the street/piazza confusion? Three or four?

    I know I couldn't do the Roman numeral conversion without some assistance. I can figure out the Super Bowl numbers and that's about it.

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    I will miss Flight Time and Big Easy. They seemed to have enjoyed themselves on the race. Those big men riding the donkeys! Hilarious! They might've set a record for the number of legs ran: 31.

    But, whenever a team has trouble with understanding directions, gets lost, or heads in the wrong way, they are in trouble. I had the feeling with the Globetrotters.

    Are we really surprised Rachel and Brendan U-turned Conner and Dad? Not really. It's a game. People forget that.

    Here's my final four prediction: Brendan and Rachel, Conner and Dad, the Afghanimals and the cowboys.

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    I will definitely miss the Jet and Cord. Couldn't find two more upright, all-around good men like them. Good, decent role model, they are.

    Now I'm hoping the Afghanimals don't win. U-turning the boys was just a bad call.

    The other teams have been too transfixed on Brendan and Rachel. Forget about them! Focus on your game, not theirs!

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    Jamal was channeling his inner Richard Burton the first few times during the Welsh poem recital, then calmed down.

    IMO, the winner will either be Dave and Connor or Brendan and Rachel. The girls aren't skilled enough to pull it off.

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    I'm satisfied that Dave and Connor won but I was rooting for Brendan and Rachel. Don't ask me why, I just was. B & R's cab driver really doomed them. Dave and Connor overcame a lot to be there. And they played a clean game. B&R were getting a little nasty/snippy at the end. But Rachel didn't have any breakdowns until the last two eps.

    The parachute drop into the speedway was cool. I was half-expecting some type of puzzle/memory wall for the teams to do. First time in a long time that hasn't happened.

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    What a start!

    I really didn't care for the Miami realtors. Snatching the pen from the firefighters' hand was just wrong. Glad they're gone. If they were in the game much longer, I was going to call them the pink witches.

    Don't care much for the dentists. Too pretty and too competitive.

    So let's see, if I get on AR I need to learn how to drive a stick and use a compass.

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    The rasslers are fun to Not the brightest bulbs but still fun.

    I think Soul Surfers is going to be the team to beat this year. Love their can-do spirit.

    The Boston firefighters don't give up. Yeah, they can't toss a pancake but they kept at it.

    Would've loved to hear an unedited commentary from the drill instructors during the About Face challenge. You know they toned their language down.


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