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Thread: Amazing Race

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    I'm gonna try and watch this season, but I have a feeling I won't stick with it because of football... like what happened last season.
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    I gave up the Simpsons for AR. Unless football runs over, then I can watch Homer and the gang.

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    I gave up on The Simpsons because it started sucking something fierce many years ago.
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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    One week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I thought it started last night. Well, I guess that is a good thing since I didn't record it or anything. I am going to record it and try and keep up with it this season, but that may not last. Last season I didn't watch very many episodes, if any at all. Going up against football, along with shows on HBO and shows on SHO, and Family Guy, I just didn't have to time to watch it. But I'm gonna try and watch it this time around, as I really did miss the show. I'd say it is easily the best reality tv show, after Big Brother of course.
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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    I always behave badly with the first show because I mostly think about who I'd like to see eliminated next. And that would be:

    Terrance & Sarah
    Andrew & Dan
    Ken & Tina

    They're on the top of my Dill Weed List.

    Not a bad beginning show. I'm looking forward to the rest of the competition.
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    My first impression of Terrance and Sarah was, they seem like a nice couple. Then they turned into butt-heads. They didn't talk to us. So? Big deal!

    I hated to see the hippies go. Arthur and Anita looked like an easy-going couple. I think they even smooched while going down the cargo net, but I don't think they had the stamina for the race.

    I like the two older friends, the comic book geeks. One of the guys is connected with ComicCon somehow.

    And Starr is some nice eye-candy, too.

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    To all future AR contestants: remember to read the instructions!

    I thought it was funny the divorcees were digging in the sand while everyone else was leaving. Well, duh.

    Terrance and Sarah do not have a healthy relationship. If she were smart, she'd ditch him...and soon.

    Terrance bumping his head was pretty funny. It's bleeding and there wasn't a drop of blood.

    Starr's a cutie, too.

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    I can never get over the STUPID mistakes people make - the taxi is parked IN THE COMPOUND!!!

    or when Terrance and Sarah ran off to find the taxi stand - and ran in the other direction???

    Stress makes people STUPID.
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    Well, the geeks failed where so many other teams also failed: they didn't correctly read the clues/instructions!!

    What's the divorcees beef with Star? Are they a little jealous that Starr's younger and better looking than they are?

    The wooden bikes looked fun.


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