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    Survivor: San Juan del Sur

    I've read where the producers have gotten a little flack about John Rocker being on Survivor. Doesn't bother me either way. As I see it, he's no different than some of other former athletes who've appeared.

    The Sri Lankan twins from Amazing Race -- the twinnies -- are competing. I was never a fan of theirs on AR, but it will be interesting to watch them in a different environment. We can expect a lot of mouthing!

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    Good start so far. Interesting mix of contestants and backgrounds. Jeremy and the former model dude were the alpha males, but someone had to take charge of building the shelter.

    Longtime Survivor fans correct me if I'm wrong but Dale using his glasses to start a fire was only the second or third time in Survivor history that's been done. Smart move.

    Don't have to worry about at least one of the twinnies. Yay!!!!!

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    First off, I have no opinion of John Rocker, good or bad. He is/was a lightning rod with some of the comments he's made. It was only a matter of time before the other Survivors would be talking about his past.

    John was right about last week's eviction: Val was talking big and had no way to back it up. That turned Jeremy against him, and Jeremy's anger boiled over to the rest of his tribe. At the immunity challenge, Natalie was just egging Rocker on with her comments. Rocker should've just turned and walked away, but didn't. He could've taken the high road but didn't.

    Voting Rocker out was a bad move. So he is/was/might be negative, but he was a strong guy. At least keep him around to the merge, but no. His tribe is doomed to continue to lose.


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