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Thread: Amazing Race

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    Amazing Race

    Boy, I was glad that Ari was the first one out. He was the most arrogant prick (did I just write that?) I'd seen in a long time. I don't think I would've tuned in if he were on the show for too long. He was right: karma came around and bit him good. It was well deserved.

    It's fun to see places on AR that you've actually visited.

    And I don't think Hef would've liked it if the teams would've drove across the lawn at the Mansion.

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    I missed the last 10 minutes - so I didn't see who lost. I like the no - non-elimination legs this year. Makes it much more interesting.
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    Ari and Stella were kicked off.

    The donkey challenge almost did more than one team in.

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    I think Grandpa will crash and burn next. Poor guy doesn't have it physically. If he could harness his potty-mouth's energy, he'd win the whole thing with plenty to spare !
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    I haven't laughed that hard over a TV episode in a very long time. Mr. Myagi talking too much to his daughter and Grandpa stripping down to his Speedo-like undies were just too much!!!

    The pole vault roadblock was nasty!

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    I haven't been watching this season for whatever reason; well football is one of the reasons. I have been recording the episodes though, so I may watch them and try to catch up. Or I may just not bother with this season...
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    Lorena's meltdown on national TV was pretty good. Milking the camel didn't look that easy.

    I think some of the ladies were a little obscene with their milking, too.

    And the little boy Jennifer was teaching English to wasn't paying attention to her lessons, but her chest!

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    I think I would've been just as frustrated as Luke with the tea challenge. You have to give him credit: he didn't give up. I liked the fact that the Indian workers congratulated him after he passed.

    I'll miss Luke and Margie.

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    Now Ron can go home and make is stomach happy by eating to his heart's content.
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    I will miss Ron and his appetite. : D

    What's with the cowboys and airplanes this season?


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