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Thread: Amazing Race

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    Karma bit the blondes in the butt! I won't miss them.

    I mentioned to a friend: How much earlier to you think the goths have to get up to apply all their makeup?

    Mr. Myagi still cracks me up. The daughter tells him that she loves him and he talks about pastries! Classic!!

    He did take a beating in this episode, between the hernia acting up and the stilts.

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    Before this week's show aired, I knew who wouldn't get kicked off: the goths. They're from my area and hosted a viewing party at a local pizza joint. Figured if they were kicked off, there wouldn't be a party.

    Hate to see the brother and sister gone. They were good players. Like so many others, transportation screwed them.

    And Mr. Myagi came in first!! It is the season of miracles!!

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    Judging from how much camera time they were getting, I thought the goths would be gone. Vixen was definitely the stronger one of the two on that team.

    When Mr. Myagi was waving Chris off during her ultraflight trip, he reminded me of an extra from Tora, Tora, Tora.

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    I'm overall very satisifed with the way yesterday turned out. Those two (I can't even remember their name's - the couple eliminated last night) are SO TOXIC together. I was tired of their fighting.

    So next weeks predictions:

    Nicolas and Donald - While I think grampa is cool, the kid is a putz. I do give him credit for carrying most of the old, grampa is falling apart, and can't carry his own weight anymore. This is a decided disadvantage for their team, and why they won't win. I predict 3rd place for them.

    Now 3rd was easy, 2nd and 1st are between:

    Ronald and Christina - Wow, has their relationship improved. They have gone from squabbleing and fighting, to work well together. This will definately help them in the final leg (as well being a good hour ahead of everyone else). The only danger is if Ronald slips back into his old ways. The last leg is the most demanding, and stressful, but they definately have a shot.

    TK and Rachel - OK - I want them to win. TK is SO laid back. This is what has kept them in the game to date. I don't think I've every seen them stressed. However, this is also a liability. It's OK to be stressed sometimes. Plus, they have been making a lot of STUPID mistakes. It seems to me in the Amazing Race, it's not so much other teams beating you that you need to worry about, it's you beating yourself.

    As much as I want TK and Rachel to win it all, I think Ronald and Christina will win it. They are racing tight and solid. No huge mistakes, their relationship is functioning well, and they haven't really screwed anyone over, so there is no karma to come and bite them in the end.

    Overall, this has been a decent season. Not the best ever, but enjoyable.
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    Guys, did you know it was Jen's birthday??

    Her getting kicked off was the bestest birthday present ever!!!

    I'd be satisfied with either of the teams winning. They've all done a good job.
    And it's great that some older people are still in it.

    I'm thinking the winning team will be between Mr. Myagi and Chris and TK and Rachel. Don's ran a good race but he's starting to wear down.

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    Boy, this was a close one!! I was rooting for Chris and Mr. Myagi to win, but I'm satisfied with TK and Rachel.

    Did anyone understand that final puzzle? Was that confusing or what?

    Very satisfying season overal.

    Now I have to see if CBS is planning another season anytime soon.

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    Well I didn't get around to watching this season of TAR. I had most all of the episodes DVRed but because football (on CBS) would sometimes run over, not all of the episodes were complete. Therefore I decided to just scrap the entire season. Still glad to hear that it was a good season overall. I'll definitely watch the next one, which should air sooner rather than later, b/c it won't interfere with football.
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    The good news: CBS has ordered another season.

    The bad news: We might have to wait until the fall for it.

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    FYI, the Travel Channel is re-airing last season's episodes on Wednesday nights. I caught Mr. Myagi and just smiled.

    Can't wait for the new season!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150 View Post
    Can't wait for the new season!!
    You betcha! One of the few shows on TV I actually make time to watch!
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