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Thread: Amazing Race

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    Indeed. Not quite as bad as the "wait, I have to pee" thing from a few years ago, but still one of the worst eliminations.
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    Yea! The poker players are gone!!!! I liked Tiffany but Maria was dead weight. She didn't do any challenges and was pretty useless.

    Right now, I'd like to see the Globetrotters win. They have a great attitude and seem to be enjoying themselves.

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    The infamous hay bale challenge. I remember that one from last time.

    Glad to see Matt and Gary still in the race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150 View Post
    Glad to see Matt and Gary still in the race.
    Me, too. I like the way they work together. Looks like they are in for problems next week, tho.

    My vote is for the Globetrotters to take it all. They are have fun instead of issues while competing.
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    The time difference between the Globetrotters and Matt and Gary is going to really hamper Matt and Gary. But they could catch up to everyone because of a flight.

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    Anyone notice that Sam and Dan were a little excited while playing volleyball?
    Too funny.

    I'll miss Matt and Gary.

    The sauna bus looks like a cool thing to bring to the states.

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    I'm tired of Sam and Dan. I'm tired of Ken and Barbie. I've got respect for Brian and Ericka, but......

    Go Globetrotters!

    After last episode, someone needs to knock Sam and Dan's collective chubbies in the dirt....
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    Ah, Sam and Dan are starting to bicker at each other. Love it.

    Taking Brian and Erika's cab wasn't cool, even though the cabbie was okay with it.

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    I'm heartbroken to see the Globetrotters go. The four-hour penalty killed them.

    Dan is scum. He won't be forgotten for not helping Flight Time and Big Easy.

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    I only watched the very last few minutes of the Race last night to see who would win. I lost interest after the Globetrotters were eliminated. They are a class act. So are Ericka and Brian for the most part. Ken and Barbie will be a future train wreck together (it's all about Cheyne. Maybe Meghan will see that.) and the brothers are worthless.
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