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Thread: Amazing Race

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    Tough ep. I don't know what challenge would've been easier: building a pryamid of watermelons or stringing a harp.

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    The border patrol agents aren't my favorite team. They could go down as one of the most arrogant and self-confident teams in history of the show. But their gesture to Bopper was nice

    Gotta love Rachel's meltdowns. If Brendan had a brain, he'd cut bait and leave right now.

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    The border patrol boys are a force to reckon with! No missteps. They could win it.

    I chuckled every time when one of the teams pronounced it Lude-wing, not Ludwing.

    When I was in Germany in '95, we had the choice to visit Neuschwanstein or Eagle's Nest/Obersalzburg, Hitler's Bavarian retreat. We went to Eagle's Nest. From people I know who've visited Neuschwanstein, that walk from the parking lot to the castle is killer, and it's extremely crowded in the summer.

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    The border patrol team's true colors are starting to show. I used to really like them, but not so much these days.

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    Really disliking Art and JJ. They're a pair of arrogant pricks. Don't care much for Major Dave, either. A little condonscending to the wife.

    I would've liked to have seen Nary and Jamie go further. They're a decent team.

    Loved that the teams took the time to enjoy the safari.

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    Mark and Bopper are the luckiest sons of guns. I just had a feeling that this would be a non-elimination round.

    And to be honest, I couldn't do the dance routine, either. White men can't jump or dance.

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    When Vanessa fell, I thought, hope she doesn't pop one of her breast implants.

    For the record, I would've had my head shaven in a heartbeat.

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    Random thoughts on the finale:

    * Glad Rachel finally grew a set and told Major Dave where to go a couple of times. His arrogance was getting on my nerves.

    * I knew Vanessa and Ralph would be eliminated, judging from Vanessa's ankle injury. And that was before the closeup on the swollen and purple ankle.

    * When it looked like Art and JJ had a chance to win, I handed the remote off so I wouldn't be tempted to throw it at the TV.

    * I don't feel sorry from Brendan and Rachel. She has her Big Brother winnings still!

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    Enjoying this season so far. Fun to watch the simple little mistakes the teams are making.

    Still too early to predict who might win. I like the rockers but they have to pay more attention to details.

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    I've stated this multiple times over the years, but I truly think Gary and Will are the luckiest team on the AR. At the bottom two weeks in a row and still squeak by. The Monster Truckers made an uncalled for play, IMO.

    I had a feeling the Blondes would be gone because of one of their comments on the train about them being better/smarter/faster than the other bottom-dwelling teams.


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