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Thread: Amazing Race

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    I really liked David and Goliath, but the odds were against them. Since the beginning, they were running at the back and it finally caught up with them. The little guy had spirit and a don't-give-up attitude. I liked that.

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    I don't know if I will miss the monster truckers or not. They started out likeable but changed during the course of the game, particularly Rick. I know it's a game but you can play with class.

    Jaymes and James should be glad they're handsome, 'cause they're lacking in the brains department! They keep getting breaks, but those lucky breaks will eventually stop.

    The twin sisters are really getting on my nerves.

    And we know why Ryan is divorced: he's an ***!!

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    I really like the rockers, but boy they just can't catch a break! The one's hobbling around in pain and now the passport issue.

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    Minus the passport issue, I don't think the rockers could've lasted much longer. Abba's knee was taking its toll.

    The Russian dance was a challenge made for Jaymes and James.

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    Can't say I'll miss Ryan and Abi. Okay, Abi more than Ryan. Ryan was too obsessed with winning the $2 mil. And if he were in Jaymes and James' position, Ryan would've screwed someone over, too.

    BTW, I've had trouble at the Frankfurt airport, too. Five hour mechanical delay, so I can relate.

    Jaymes is playing for a noble cause. I'd like to see the guys win just because of that.

    The sisters are just plain annoying.

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    The sisters were really getting on my nerves. I was cheering that they would be eliminated, but Phil had to surprise us, didn't he?

    Trey and Lexi or Jaymes and James are the winning teams. The farmers have really hung in there, and that last challenge was built for them (like my play on words?) but I think injury will continue to slow down. Jaymes' cause for playing and winning is the most noble.

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    A team that never once came in first but was always at the back of the pack wins everything. Hard to believe. I have nothing against the Beekmans, but I'd preferred Jaymes and James winning. J&J had a noble reason to win, not saying that saving the family farm isn't.

    Nice twist on the final challenge. I wouldn't have paid attention to hello and goodbye.

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    Season 22 cast announced.

    Roller derby moms, pro hockey players, taxidermists, oh my!!!

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    I took an immediate dislike toward Max and Katie. Very pompous, artificial and full of themselves. They won't last long. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

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    Felt sorry for the two brothers. The water challenge was just too much for them.

    Still dislike Max and Katie.


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