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Thread: Amazing Race

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    Good ep. Loved Chuck's comment at the airport about the people not remembering him for moving ahead, etc... They may not remember you, Chuck, but they will forever remember that head of hair!

    Starting to dislike John. He's too smarmy. And the lecherous grin plastered on his face all the time.

    Have to wonder how much longer the father-son team will last with the injury. I can see them running one more leg (no pun intended) and then removing themselves.

    Max not passing the driving challenge was a blow to his ego. Loved it!

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    Yeah, Team JJ is gone! How dumb are you not to use the Express pass? John was too cocky, and maybe he wanted to run the race on merits and physical challenges alone, but heck you could've been at the front of the pack!

    I don't think his lady will forget that bone-head move anytime soon.

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    If nothing else, the producers need to bring the father-son team back for the next all-star edition. They earned a spot.

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    Another good ep. Still don't care for Max and Katie.

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    Two teams got speeding tickets, which they paid. My big question: would you have paid it? If it meant getting eliminated, no I wouldn't have taken the time. Face it, what are the odds of your going back to southern Africa on vacation? Is Botswana going to extradite you for a speeding ticket? Probably not.

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    Chuck's magnificent mane of Sampson-like hair couldn't save him and Wynona last night. Too bad. I liked them.

    The cheese challenge looked a lot easier in the snow than the previous time.

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    For the first time in several seasons, I'm happy with the outcome. Bates and Anthony deserved to win. They ran a good race, and they enjoyed themselves along the way. So did Mona and Beth. The moms were good roll models for their kids.

    My dislikeness for Max and Katie is known, and I think Max's fixation on the money and his overall cockiness were his downfall.

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    Can't remember an ep in the years that I've been watching that 3 different teams read instructions wrong in one ep. Wow. Just goes to show how you have to pay attention to details.

    And the paragliding was one of the coolest challenges I'd seen in a long time.

    And so far, there's not a team I dislike. Hated to see the father-daughter team go out but someone's gotta go first.

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    I liked Team Bingo but had a feeling they were doomed with the bus mix-up, and then the wrong shoeshine dude. Hope they're invited back for another season.

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    It's certainly been a long time since so much time was devoted to showing airport nightmares. Felt really sorry for the footballers. They took a risk with the flights and it just didn't work out. Again, this is another team I'd like to see invited back to participate at a later time 'cause they wanted to be there.

    I didn't see anything wrong with what the basebal wives did by going a different route to get on stand-by. They might've handed the counter issue a little differently, but hey, they took the initiative and it worked for them.


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