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Thread: Amazing Race

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    Now the Weird Beards are gone! Man!! I really liked them. They should've stuck the statue challenge out a little longer.

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    I've been saying this for the last two weeks, but this next episode SHOULD be a non-elimination round. The Okie boys were good, playing for the right reasons.

    Really hate Marie. She's just a shrill witch. Gotta wonder if she acts like that all the time, and if she realizes she acts like that.

    The ladies struggling with the song at the Vienna Boys Choir should've flashed their boobs. That would've gotten the clue...and made the boys happy.

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    Notice how the ladies were a little more covered up in the UAE? Bet that was hot, temperature wise.

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    When will karma bite Marie in the butt? Hopefully soon.

    Figured the baseball bunnies would go. They had a good run. And they were easy on the eyes.

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    The wife normally doesn't watch AR with me, but she was in the room watching Sunday night. When the snake jumped out during Afghanimals' search of the tea plantation, she jumped.

    Really hoped Marie would've been last. Really hope she doesn't win next week.

    Boy, the guys made ugly women.

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    For once, I'm satisfied with which team won AR. Jason and Amy ran a good race. The ER docs just fell part during the last two legs, and I noticed Travis really didn't encourage Nicole when she was struggling. C'mon dude! Travis became really focused -- maybe obsessed -- with winning the money.

    And after Marie's deal was revealed, I'm really glad she didn't win.

    Thought Leo and Jamal could've pulled it out but unfortunately the robot challenge was their demise.

    An all-star edition! Great! Now we have to wait to see which teams are returning!

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    I feel for Bopper. He really wanted to run the show but your health is more important. Glad a compatible replacement was waiting in the wings.

    Now that the bickering Sri Lankan sisters are gone, I can enjoy the show. Didn't care for their constant yapping the last time around.

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    Leaving the backpack behind was the kiss of death for Team Kentucky. Don't know what I would've done. Mallory had the passports but Mark's clothes and other essentials were left behind.

    Gotta love the cowboys. Go from the top of the pack and drop, but yet they survive. And giving the express pass to the country singers was okay. That team isn't a threat. The one blonde just flirted her way for it.

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    Sending the taxi away was the kiss of death for Joey and Megan.

    I've noticed this: some of the teams that were obnoxious/over-the-top in previous seasons (Joey and Megan, Greg and Jessica) have really toned it down. At this point, there's not a team I don't like.


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