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Thread: Biggs scene?

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    As long as they put in the Sandstorm part Im happy
    Oh yes and include the Y wing leaving with the other ships. Shouldn't be too difficult to add.
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    Another reason that the Biggs scenes were cut was because the acting was really bad. The flow of the dialogue was clunky and didn't really communicate the pace that Lucas wanted.

    As he has stated in interviews, sometimes you cast an actor and they don't perform as well as expected for various reasons like they can't get to grips with bluescreen work etc. Which means their roles are reduced in the editing and other characters are highlighted or the scenes reshot with other actors.

    Adrian Dunbar was bail Organa for episode one but didn't perform the way Lucas had envisioned and was ultimately removed from the film.

    The same is true of the actors in the Biggs scenes. Koo Stark was totally wooden and Garrick Hagon was not much better. It must have seemed so easy to Lucas to put something awful into the movie so that the execs' at Fox wouldn't mind him cutting it.

    This is a ploy most creative people use to get the stuff they want to keep approved, by deliberately adding bad superfluous stuff they know will be axed, they manage to sneak the good stuff past the boss who would ordinarily have spotted it but was distracted by the bad stuff.

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    Still, it has to be included. The Biggs scene, the sandstorm, and everything else must be included. They do not have to incorporated into the movie, but just viewable as a bonus.
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    I agree... that's why I said earlier in this thread that I would like to see the shots restored.

    I wouldn't want them in the film, but I would like to see them completed. It would be interesting. I was totally hyped when I read the INSIDER article about the alternate cut of ANH. I would love to see that as a bonus feature on its own DVD- they could pair that with the cut scenes. It would make a great bonus for all of us stalwart fans and collectors!
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    I agree--I definitely want to see the rough cut of Star Wars. And, as silly as it sounds, Return of the Ewok if a good enough copy still exists.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with the need to have the cut scenes and other materials on the DVD as EXTRAS, but I disagree with the concept of cutting them into the existing final version. There are ways to make this happen, but as others have pointed out, there are usually only work prints, damaged prints, fragments, etc. remaining of these scenes. Sometimes they drag the plot down, sometimes the acting or the blocking stinks. If you have seen the DVD of Aliens you will see the folly of cutting everything back into the film. I only rented it so I can't say for sure, but I do not believe that you had a choice with this one. You rent or own the DVD you get to watch the recut ONLY, no watching the version you remember and love from the theatrical release or VHS. Just the recut with scenes that at times drag down the pace or at others ruin some of the best parts of the film. It gets to be like Luke screaming like a frightened schoolgirl as he falls down the air shaft in Cloud City or Greedo shooting first (in the Special Editions), you can't get it out of there even if you wanted to. (The key complaint about the DVD of Aliens is the inclusion of a scene establishing the arrival of the infestation to the colony. Cameron ham-handedly puts Newt at the forefront as it is her father, if memory serves, who falls victim to a face-hugger, and is dragged right in front of her into their vehicle with the hideous parasite clutching his face as she lets out her signature shrill scream. The problem with this is that her presence in the scene belittles one of her best lines, the one about their being no such thing as monsters. I think that conviction would have been shattered long before the Marines and Ripley arrived, even before the infestation escalated.)
    The point of my Aliens tirade is this, give the VIEWER the choice. A great example of this is the X-Men DVD where one can choose a somewhat clumsy (out of necessity, cut scenes do not always mesh well with the final cut) version with the cut scenes inserted into the actual cut. Or one can watch just the cut scenes as in other DVDs with this feature. This allows one to at least have a glimpse of what might have been without being forced to live the directors post-facto vision and only enjoy the cut they remember on VHS, thus defeating the point of DVD. I think a feature like in X-Men where one can choose the way they view the cut scenes and other materials is the ideal approach. Cram the Star Wars DVDs full to overflowing with such material, and give us companion discs with every documentary ever made, plus throw us a bone and let a whole new generation see the shame that was the Holiday Special. Sure it was awful, but at the same time it is still a part of the Star Wars experience that few had the chance to witness. (Ironically, despite Lucas' attempts to downplay the tragic television show, Zutton, an upcoming figure is from the Holiday Special and it is even given coverage in Chronicle Books' incredible "Star Wars Chronicles" (see the related thread to learn more of this book).


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