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Thread: Biggs scene?

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    Thumbs up Biggs scene?

    I think that this would be awesome to include with the DVD release. (Whenever that may be.) Not only this scene, but all of the other cut scenes.
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    I would love to see this scene restored and completed. I would also love to see the ANH- alternate edit.

    That would be a great reference piece...
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    I would love to see them as bonus tracks, but not edited into the actual film. They'd slow down the movie, and ol'George knew this, that's why he cut them. The studio financing Star Wars freaked when they read the script and realized that the main character wasn't introduced until 20 minutes into the movie. So, ol'George begrudgingly wrote the additional Luke, BIggs, Camie, Fixer, etc scenes to get the studio off his back. When the movie ran over time, he gleefully left them on the cutting room floor.
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    They should come out with a video that shows all the cut scenes.
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    I loved the Special Edition but I would like to see all of the movies the way that GL first flimed them with all the cuts put back into them.

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    Thumbs up

    Either way I think all those cut scenes that we all love, yet have never seen, should be on the DVD somewhere.
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    I'm sure the DVD of the OT will have plenty of the cut scene stuff that we all want....... pity we're gonna have to wait 5 years for it.
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    Only problem OB-D with putting all the cuts back into the movie is that they might not be finished cuts! I just bought and watched The Close Encounter of the Third Kind DVD special edition, and most of the cuts or deleted scenes had production marks on them, or they were damaged or whatever. They were still very cool to see! Definetly recommend picking that one up if no has yet!
    Oh, but if TPM DVD is going to have 7 deleted scene, I'm sure we'll get some great stuff withe OT

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    The subject of DVDs has come up several times before. If you want to see an incredibly long list of stuff that I want on the DVD's (written in June of 2000, and which I don't want to retype now), it's right here. It includes the legendary Rough Cut, as well as ALL cut scenes, documentaries, etc.
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    As long as they put in the Sandstorm part Im happy
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