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    Baron Fel and Hobbie Klivian Comic 2-pack Review

    I love brash pilots in the SW universe, i honest to god do. Hobbie, one of my favorites from the battle of hoth to the rogue squadron comic books, hobbie the $h*T. Baron Soontir Fel, i gotta say another one of my favorite characters, and a cool tie fighter pilot is a plus even if your not a EU person, this pack looks to be the real deal...which for those of you lost in translation: if you like only movie OT stuff then you get Hobbie, and a tie fighter pilot with removeable helmet...If you like both movies and EU, you get Hobbie and the one of the coolest impireal characters there is.

    Baron Soontir Fel

    Head: First things first to beard. Not cool. WTF hasbro? Only reason i can forsee as to why no facial hair is that they couldn't get the helmet to over his head with that patch on his chin. But other than that this figure has a great look and suits Fel very-very well. Though his head doesn't have very good movement, he has a ball joint but not in the ways the other figures do...just back and fourth here folks.

    Arms: Elbows got swivel action and a GI Joe joint, his shoulders have the swivel joint which gives Fel a wide buffet of movements, and as an added bonus he's got wrist joints.

    Waste/Torsoe: He's got standard waste movement.

    Legs: Standard upper leg/thigh movement, knee joints (GI Joe style joints), which also have the swivel giving him alot of good movement here, god this figure begs for a tie fighter to be posed in. Sad they didn't give the Baron ankle articulation. But other than that the figure is pretty soild.

    Pack Ins: Helmet, with breathing tubes, snaps onto chest. He's got a blaster and a holster. Nice pack ins, though nothing special, except for the helmet.

    Over all: No facial hair...WTF (I've said that twice now.) and no ankle joints.

    8/10, still this figure is awesome.

    (Note/Question: Is it just me or this figure a re-tooled bail organa from the ROTS line? He's got a lot of things that look familiar and i just can't put my finger on where this figure has came from before...but it's not new, unless i waked and baked one too many times in my life.)

    Standard Dutch retooled X-wing pilot. Nothing special, nothing new here. Though one thing i didn't like: Hobbie's removeable helmet reveals him to be wearing a body condum. Seriously why they chose not to give Hobbie hair instead of the flight suit thing i'll never know. bad move here hasbro.

    Overall: I loved this pack, and it's worth getting if your a fan of the characters like i am. (AKA gotta have'em all!!!)

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    I bought this pack as well. I did pass on the Bultar Swan pack as I will get her in the Evo set.

    This is by far my favorite pack in this line. I ended up getting alot of these packs after skipping the first wave completely.

    I dont think he is a resculpt of Bail.
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    I saw this set tonight, looked too underwhelming to get my money. Strange how a simple thing like facial hair paint can highlight a bunch of other flaws.
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    This was the only pack of these I wanted. Hobbie is an x-wing pilot, pretty standard. I like to collect these, so I was glad to get this one. But otherwise, it gets lost in the crowd of other pilots.

    As for Baron Fel, first of all, I collect cool EU figures they make, but I totally do not follow the EU universe. But after reading the comic book that came with the pack, I also wondered why they didn't scratch a little beard on him. He's a good figure, perhaps a little too massively framed, and his shoulders are way too rounded. But a good figure.
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    As for the "body condom," Sinscia, Derek is shown with that on his head in ESB when Leia briefs the pilots. I kind of figured that that was a Hoth-specific sort of thing, but maybe not.

    I hope they eventually put his head on the Rogue 2 body in a Battlepack or something, as I would have much preferred a Snowspeeder Hobbie to an X-wing Hobbie.
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    I like Hobbie, but am a little put off by the GI Joe-ness of Baron Fel.

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    I saw this set and I passed on it. I'm sick of that inferior Dutch Vander body being used over and over again. Plus, I'm not happy at all with the ridiculous changes to the TIE Pilot uniform (why does a TIE Fighter Pilot need kneepads?). That and the fact that the helmet looks way too small on his head (based on the photo on the card).

    When they do a proper TIE Pilot, I'll buy one. This Baron Fel loser can rot on the pegs.
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    I got this set for Hobbie only, and I was very pleased to see that when you take off his helmet he has the fighter headset on his head. This makes him stand out a little from the other pilots. The other fig I could care less about. I gave him to my 4 year old. I'm sure he's been destroyed by now. Come to think of it, I haven't seen that EU fig since I gave it to him.
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    This set has grown on me since i got it, i do wish that they used a new body for Hobbie, but i can live with what they gave us since it's not a bad figure, it's just not a great figure, which is typical hasbro. I never actually thought of them making hobbie hoth specfic, which makes sense in the end i supose, but i would have rather had hobbie as a regular rogue squadron and not in his hoth attire, but as long as he was made i should be happy. As for the Baron, Fel's one of the better characters from rogue squadron comics, he's a cool character and his attire while not Tie fighter specfic makes him stand out, which is cool if you army build tie fighter pilots.

    This set along with the whole wave is peg warming rather heavy in my area, which is unusual for the comic packs. The last few waves has sold like hot cakes but i think no one was really impressed with their choices with this wave, though Hobbie and Fel has sold better than Anakin and Bultar's packs around here, the bultar swan and Koffi Arana pack is really heavy, where talking Saga Vader heavy.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    It's because the Bultar sucks and everyone knows we're getting a movie-accurate, super-articulated version in less than six months, packed with a proper Qui-Gon instead of Jedi Master Mr T.

    You think these EU figures are selling to kids? Probably not. They're buying the basic figures and the stuff they recognize. They might buy some EU stuff like the ESB Infinities, just because they think Leia with a lightsaber is cool.
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