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    Legends: Battle Droid 2pack

    I picked this up yesterday to open and I am dissapointed with it overall.

    Paint = A (must admit it's good)
    Sculpt = B
    Articulation = D

    The elbows and knees don't bend. I couldn't believe it. Therefore you can only have the BD point gun forward which looks dumb Can't fold arms to assume a gun-carrying posture. You'd think with all the cool things that most figures can do now they would have allowed the elbows and knees to move.

    Also, as always, it's hard to stand them up due to the flimsy and very thin sculpt. They really should include a base or something you can fix to the bottom of the feet to help it stand. Like a small clear disc that you can put on at least one of the feet.

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    Just so you know, there are four versions of this set.

    1. tan - grunt and commander
    2. maroon
    3. tan - battle damage (silver markings)
    4. tan - battle damage (no silver markings)

    I like these sets and have all four, but I wish they at least could be in the proper firing pose with both hands on the gun. If they had made these with no battle damage, too, I would be more inclined to buy tons of these guys, but I don't like them all having identical (or nearly identical) damage.
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