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    What does Anakin lose? Conflict of reports...

    Well, now we have two different stories...

    1) Anakin loses his arm, from above the elbow, in the Hangar Duel.

    2) New report from T-Bone's Cinescape:

    Yes, it's true. Anakin loses a hand in EPISODE II's duel. I'm pretty sure it's the same one that Luke cuts off in RETURN OF THE JEDI too...the right hand.

    Now, the thing that's pretty cool is this: He's not given a new hand right away ala Luke at the end of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. He's given this mechanical looking cybernetic hand that is VERY SIMILAR to C-3PO's before he has his coverings, but there are no metal platings around anything but the fingertips which are shaped like real (metal) fingertips. It's all just metal framing and multi-colored wires.

    Did Lucas feel that the entire arm was overkill? Was there some aspect of filming originally that caused this change to be made? Or was there no arm-cutting to begin with?

    This is one major spoiler that has only really been hinted at. I actually like this new report. It's more eerie, like looking under the black suit....

    Thoughts? Comments?
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    I am still not convinced that Anakin looses his arm at all. If you look very closely at the end of the 'Mystery' trailer, Anakin is thrown against a wall by Force Lighting from Count Dooku notice that he has both arms/hands and than a huge crane is suppose to fall down on him. I think Anakin will survive 'Attack of the Clones' in one piece and won't loose anything until his duel with Obi-Wan in Episode III...
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    hey co jo-da,

    the had a list of items lucasfilm sent out to retailers instructing them not to disclose certain events in the film when marketing E2. one of those items was anakin losing his arm.

    i recall the scene you are referring to in the trailer regarding anakin. and it appears he is getting shocked. but that dosen't mean the duel is over ala ROTJ. obi-wan could mount a counter attack on dooku and allow anakin to regroup and then lose his arm/hand later against dooku. or ILM could simply edit out anakin's missing limb in the clip you cite.

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    Anakin loses...

    ...his way in the Tatooine Desert. Hey! It's dark out there at night!

    ...his lightsaber, somewhere in the folds of his cloak. It's a running gag through the movie. he's always searching through his robes and Obi Wan is always rolling his eyes at him.

    ...his virginity, to a Twilek girl in the bowels of Coruscant nightlife. It might not seem like a major plot point NOW, but trust me, it comes back to haunt him BIG TIME in Episode III.

    ...his sense of smell. It has something to do with him growing older. They sat it's the first thing to go (on a dog). :happy:

    ...a game of checkers, with a Tusken family. He gets SO upset at the prospect, well...

    ...all interest in this silly debate. The movie comes out in 95 days!!! Wait and see!

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    I hear you Derek. If Anakin loses his arm/hand in the duel it would be very cool, aspecially because Count Dooku is suppose to kick butt (until Yoda Shows up anyway).
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    I hope he loses his hand. It might be a cool link to the ESB duel. Vader seems pretty liberal in slicing off Luke's hand. Of course, Vader is trying to seduce Luke while Dooku is apparently taunting Anakin . . . unless Palps is already at work recruiting a new apprentice to replace the Count.

    I am excited to find out ! ! !

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    It would be pretty cool if he lost his hand.
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    Anakin loses...

    his starfighter keys. Having to search the entire Jundland Wastes for them turns him to the Dark Side.

    his place in line to buy a new Jedi robe at Jedi's Wearhouse. Not having the proper outfit in time turns him to the Dark Side.

    his pet ronto. There was a killer frost and Wildfire broke out of the stall; in a blizzard, he was lost. No longer having his faithful companion turns him to the Dark Side.

    his class ring. He cannot prove that he attended the Jedi Academy, and so that turns him to the Dark Side.

    his "Eddie and the Cruisers" record. No longer can he turn on "The Dark Side," and it turns him to the Dark Side. Oh yeah!
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    LOL Rollo.

    The trailer could be edited differently which could be why it looks like he still has his hand. Plus they probably didn't go back and digitalize it out yet. There are numerous reasons why it looks like he still has his hand. Plus it is just a RUMOR that he loses his hand. We will have to see EP II to know for sure.
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    more spy reports at regarding anakin's limb loss. report is he did indeed wear a "blue" glove so his limb can be digitally removed. and the report confirms he does indeed lose his whole arm.


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