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    OK, 'til now I have held my comments on the new AOTC line to a minimum.

    And I still contend that I will judge these when I see them. But a few things need to be said.

    1. What's the deal with Chicken Pox Palpatine. I know he's supposed to look old, but this guy looks more like he fell into a patch of Poison Ivy?

    2. What's with Squatting Jar-Jar? Is he standing? Is he sitting? Is he standing in line for the bathroom? What?

    3. What's with the PINK Clonetrooper? I know this one's not Hasbro's fault. But COME ON!!! I am assuming that this guy is supposed to be the Clonetrooper Captain or Commander. PLEASE tell me that GL did NOT do this in the film. It's PINK for crying out loud!!! PINK, as in PINK. Get it PINK!!! I am praying that Hasbro did this to throw us off, that the real color is, well, ANYTHING but PINK. I can live with yellow, green, blue, red, purple, orange, lavender, ANYTHING but PINK!

    With that said, there are some VERY positive things to be said for the new line.

    1. The sculpt of Christopher Lee is awesome.

    2. It look like we will FINALLY be getting those new 12 inch Bounty Hunters.

    3. More of the features I like, such as:

    Lightsabers with removable blades.

    Holsters with removable guns.

    4. Some cool new features such as:

    Metal lightsabers?!?!

    Pack-in accessories we can get some REAL use out of.

    5. It looks like Zam may be the Masterpiece for the new line. The pic I saw had articulated knees, and an OPEN face with the scarf hanging down. If the scarf is in fact removable/interchangable or whatever, this will be a GREAT figure.

    Now for the downside to the new line.

    1. I HATE the whole "magnet/force" thing Hasbro is doing.

    2. Many of the figures seem to have that dynamic/one-pose-wonder leg stance going on.

    Final thoughts:

    While I eagerly await the release of the new line I will be limiting what I purchase during the next 6 months or so.

    When these things hit the stores I will only buy what I really want. If I am really STOKED about a figure (which includes any FETT) I will buy 2! One for my MOMC collection and one for my loose collection.

    When they start to go on clearance I will buy the junk figures at junk prices. These will go into my MOMC collection. Chances are they will be packed away in a box for the next 20 years or so. These will most likely include:

    Chicken Pox Palpatine
    Squatin' Jar-Jar
    Pink Clonetrooper

    May the force be with you.

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    From the pictures I've seen the clonetrooper is red,This could be one of three things,the trooper could be the captain of a squad,the one who flies the republic gunship or a special fighting trooper
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    congrats sith!!!!
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    The Yoda looks awful, the Ep1 one is alot better.

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    No I think it was said that Clonetroopers wearing yellow were the Captains/Squad leaders, from Hasbro's image they appear to have only the Red Clonetroopers in the Gunship, maybe they're like special forces or something?
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    I agree that Yoda looks horrible.
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    Hasbro made him look younger than he does in E1... That sneaky lil' devil, he's gettin force-lifts!
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    that would be...

    Jar Jar
    the scene specific poses
    the gimmicks that make the figures look like malformed snot with paint.
    figures that won't fit in ships
    Anakin and his suddenly chubby face
    Padme and her case of battle rigor-mortis
    Cheap carboard "extras" for playsets
    Studio 54 snap-on accessories for extra "flash"

    have I missed anything...?

    I'm sure I have!
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    I haven't been able to find the pick of Palpatine. The Yoda looks goofy and no lightsaber? Does this mean he isn't going to use a lightsaber as was originally stated or are we going to get 10 different versions of Yoda to buy in different poses with different weapons?

    The Geonasian Warrior looks like something from Aliens. By the way, who is Dejus Puhr??
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    Is there anything you like??


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