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    Orginally Posted by JarJarBinks
    I hope it's avaliable thru the fan club later, all I want is the figure. Infact If I had one, I would open it.
    I'd open mine too,display it with my other figures.

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    if it means anything

    which i'm sure it won't

    back at the 97 toy fair, galoob issued a special version of the action fleet x-wing exclusive to toy fair. It was a slimed up x-wing ala dagobah.

    it was also a more acurate version of the x-wing, as it included the center striping on the fusalage which was lacking on the retail version.

    several months later, the star wars insider was selling it through jawa trader (which is how i got mine).

    now being that i collect only galoob, i'm not familiar with any history of this sort regarding hasbro lines.

    but i'm pretty sure that if it's offered at toy fair, it will prolly surface through the insider at the very least.

    of course i'v been known to make mistakes.......from time to time.......
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    Oh just win Steve's!

    As pointed out on the official site, there WILL be some available from the Fan Club, so even guys like me - who stay up 23 hours straight just to work 11 hours on the first day and then 14 on the 2nd and 5 on the third (hey, that's today!) just to help SSG can have decent Toy Fair coverage - can now get one.
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    People are crazy...just for a repainted peg-warmer that doesn't even have complete packaging for the rest of it's lightsaber. At least they have an excuse for the AOTC figures, they're new and stuff, people are known to be really stupid when it comes to new things, but peg-warmers? That's funny. I dunno which is more ridiculous, the people putting them on ebay or the people buying them. Probably both I guess. I don't care if someone puts one on ebay so other collectors to have a chance at one, if they want collectors to have a chance at one, wait until the Fan Club offers them and then buy a reasonable amount and put them on ebay with a buy it now of the regular price and a 1 per ebay member limit.
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    No doubt!

    Why pay those jacked up prices on eBay when we can pay the SLIGHTLY jacked up prices at the fan club. I'll probably pick up this little guy along with the Stormie 4-pack. That's all the business they are getting from me!
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    I agree. I thought it would sell for at the most about $50 (and I thought THAT was high!).
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    Let's see....$750.00 for a figure.....

    That's a little over 1/2 my house payment, 2 1/4 truck payments, 20 electricity payments, 15 gas payments, 4 grocery bills and enough money to buy almost all the new AOTC toys that are being released on April 23 rd. NO THANKS! I'll take my chances with trying to get one through the FC or if possible being lucky enough to win Sir Steves giveaway. If not I guess it's just another figure I will only dream about adding to my Vader collection one day.

    Why is it that we, as collectors and toy buyers, are the ones who always get screwed?
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    OK, sir steve how can you report

    "This is certainly going to be quite the rarity, a great collector's item... for those who can get their hands on one."

    then put it up for an auction and say "I thought it would sell for at the most about $50 (and I thought THAT was high!)."

    now if you've been under a rock or maybe slightly retarded I'd buy that. But anyone who knows anything about starwars figures know that rare figures = mucho moolah on ebay. I mean you couldnt have missed $200 AOTC figures the past couple weeks could you? and thes eare figures that are rare now but come april 23rd will be $6!

    Your credibillty has been destroyed I'm sorry to say. Only people that think you are the only site out here would be the only ones not to stumble upon threads about this. The whole buying batteries thing was exceptionally funny, trying to recoup the $250 in bargain batteries by selling a rarity that you only expected to get $50 for? So is this person you are selling it for your cousin? Yes, google revealed some things we found interesting.

    Most peopel are in it to collect to collect, it's apparent you are in it to fleece the fans. You are here to take the mantle away from Supershadow for least liked star wars website. Greedy people like you destroyed Comic book collecting and baseball card collecting....if you want to make a buck sell stocks not toys.

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    OK, before you ban me because to quote Jack "you can't handle the truth!"

    If you are giving the $ to charity, I think for one that it is newsworthy enough to post on the front page of the site, because that is a noble thing to do....and you better make sure you post a copy of your charitable deduction because no one will believe it went to charity and I believe saying something is going to charity then it doesn't constitiutes peoel will check up on it.

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    sounds to me like Jedi Dan is angry about something other than a Vader figure.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.


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