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    Originally posted by Dryanta
    sounds to me like Jedi Dan is angry about something other than a Vader figure.
    Yeah, he has "issues".

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    you don't need to a Jedi to "sense' That
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    This is certainly going to be quite the rarity, a great collector's item... for those who can get their hands on one.
    I believe that news article was written by JediTricks, not by SirSteve. And there's a difference between an item that's not been released and one that's been released, but not yet in mass quantities. I'd expect there are people who want to be "first on the block" (so to speak) to get the AOTC figures and will pay any price to get them. I know I for one wouldn't expect the Vader to go for more than $100.
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    Look at who reported it and stop jumping to conclusions.

    Originally posted by Jedi Dan
    OK, sir steve how can you report

    "This is certainly going to be quite the rarity, a great collector's item... for those who can get their hands on one."

    then put it up for an auction and say "I thought it would sell for at the most about $50 (and I thought THAT was high!)."

    now if you've been under a rock or maybe slightly retarded I'd buy that. But anyone who knows anything about starwars figures know that rare figures = mucho moolah on ebay. I mean you couldnt have missed $200 AOTC figures the past couple weeks could you? and thes eare figures that are rare now but come april 23rd will be $6!

    Your credibillty has been destroyed I'm sorry to say. Only people that think you are the only site out here would be the only ones not to stumble upon threads about this. The whole buying batteries thing was exceptionally funny, trying to recoup the $250 in bargain batteries by selling a rarity that you only expected to get $50 for? So is this person you are selling it for your cousin? Yes, google revealed some things we found interesting.

    Most peopel are in it to collect to collect, it's apparent you are in it to fleece the fans. You are here to take the mantle away from Supershadow for least liked star wars website. Greedy people like you destroyed Comic book collecting and baseball card collecting....if you want to make a buck sell stocks not toys.
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    Steve if you wanted to make money off of it for charity, maybe a raffle would've been better? Just charge around 7-8 for a raffle ticket on the figure which would heavily attract more people. *shrugs*
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    Again, *I* didn't want to make money off of it PERIOD. I just posted the auction for someone and when everyone started saying I was scalping it, we decided to give the money to the relief fund.
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    One thing I have noticed about this whole ebay auction deal, the majority of people *****in' up a storm have just a few posts. Are they new or is this someone who created a new username just so they could complain?

    SS, you're not going to get clear of this b/c you can't make everyone happy. The angry ones are acting like this b/c they don't feel it's fair that you have an opportunity they don't.

    I think you're doing the right thing, so do alot of other people here. Forget the rest of them. There's plenty of other sites where they "can go home and cry to mama!" They'll just do the same thing to that site operator when something doesn't go they way they perceive it should.
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    Um- No because when people complain on other sites they just hear well why dont you go tell him on HIS forums so I am again......

    So Steve, If you selling selling this for a friend then why did YOU make the decision and not him? What? I said Why did YOU make the decision instead of him? I'd be pretty ****ed if I was your friend. Or is this friend really your conscience??? Or the little martian from the Flintstones? What's his name Gazooo or something?

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    It's probably his "cousin" again. People like me do research before they start complaining. Other people follow blindly. Oh well.

    if you want further info where to go is the google search engine check the 'Scum and jawa boards for further info. I don't have time to paste al the details.

    Wel the thing is that the guys that complain have few posts because
    1) the person is being banned after speaking the truth, that happened to a buddy of mine
    2) They are signing up on many boards to spread the word trying to educate the uneducated.

    It's not the fact the piece is auctioned it's the fact that people lie defacing the hobby for soem purists.

    remeber if your in it for a profit you are not a collector so don't pass yourself off as one.

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    Originally posted by Jedi Dan
    if you want further info where to go is the google search engine check the 'Scum and jawa boards for further info. I don't have time to paste al the details.
    Uh, No!

    I don't have the time, nor do I want to go digging up crap on SS or anyone. I could probably find out less than superb details about you(all I need is your name), if I wanted to take the time and look, but what is that going to do for me...Nothing!

    What SS has done or will do is out of my control. To this point, he has done nothing to harm me or keep me from collecting Star Wars items. Until that time comes, which I'm sure it will not, I am not going to pass judgement on him. (Incredible side note, I just decided what to give up for lent, all be it a day late. I hereby give up passing judgement on SirSteve!):happy:

    Anyway, think what you will...But when it comes down to it, none of the scalpers or so called "bad people for the hobby" have really kept me from eventually, repeat eventually, getting what I want. May take a little longer, but I usually get it at retail price. In reality, it's just a way for us to vent frustration at not being able to get the stuff fast enough.

    In conclusion, I am done with this "bash the provider" thread that has proliferated throughout the forums. SS provides a good service and I'm sure he has a few skeletons just like the rest of us.

    BTW, Happy V Day everyone!
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