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    Why is everyone mad at SirSteve?

    He didn't purposely set the price on eBay so high for the Vader fig. The bidding started at $1 if I remember correctly, its the bidders who drove it up that high, not SS. When SS and his friend realized that it was getting so high, then his friend decided to donate the money to charity.

    Why do these people care anyway? They come to these boards for the first time just to ***** and complain about something that does not involve or concern them at all.

    That's all I'm gonna say on the subject, if anyone else continues to argue about something as trivial as this, I think the least of your concerns are how much some guy is getting for a Star Wars figure.

    Its sad and pathetic.
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    All the people who have expressed their opinions on the matter are people who want what SS has. They don't have the figure and since SS didn't give it to them, he is a bad guy. After all, it belongs to his friend, and what, said friend, does with his PERSONAL PROPERTY is his own buisness. There are more auctions for this figure on e-bay than just this one, so why aren't people screaming at the people who they belong to? Why complain about the bid being so high, it's not like SS is bidding on the auction. It's the collectors with pockets that are way too deep and have too much extra money, that are responsible for the dramatic, over inflated price. So why not jump in their buisness, they are to blame here. IMHO no one would have made an issue out of this if the D@MNED thing sold for $1.50.

    This figure being sold at auction is not keeping me from having one, seeing how it hasn't even been offered to the general collecting population as of yet, so why complain. It's not like it was taken from my collection to be sold at auction. I'd like to have this figure, but oh well if I never do. I don't have one now, so it's not like I'm going to miss it.

    I have only two words for people who complain about said Vader auction, CRY BABIES!

    Sir Steve, keep up the good work and try not to let all the cry babies get you down.

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    First of all I am not jealous-
    I have the figure too.

    Second the issue is not that its on Ebay
    but HE who is supposed to represent and lookout for collectors went and put something on Ebay for the highest bidder. Then when the price went up he posted that it was being released through the Fan Club, something we knew on Sunday, then added the don't pay high prices on Ebay crap, yet he has an auction. Hmmmmmm

    Its just not right!

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    Lets all just stop and do a reality check.SirSteve did nothing wrong,in fact,If I had one or two of those Vaders,I would do
    the exact same thing.
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    I hesitate to try to reinsert myself into this firestorm, but since I'm the one who originally started this thread, I'll offer my two cents.

    As suggested by the title of my original message, the real villain here, in my opinion, is Hasbro. They should have never pulled something like this in the first place, at least not without first announcing that the figure would be generally available through the Fan Club in the same packaging within X amount of time after Toy Fair.

    I personally don't think SS is a villain in this instance, particularly. From a public relations standpoint, he probably could have handled it and explained himself better initially, but I for one am too realistic be jump on the militant anti-scalper bandwagon. When it comes right down to it, market forces dictate in this hobby to a large extent. If Hasbro decided not to make these generally available, there would be certainly be a handful of people out there (perhaps myself included) who would pay fairly obscene prices for the piece. But that's their prerogative. And if that happened, the principal blame would lay at Hasbro's doorstep. It knows (or at least should know) how many people out there still want to avidly collect this stuff, and knows that it will **** people off if it severely limits the availability of something like this. Indeed, Hasbro should learn from the disaster that Playmates experienced in the wake of the Star Trek 1701 series (don't they own Playmates now?). Stunts like this can severely alienate a company's collector base. If Hasbro is so lunk-headed to pull something like this notwithstanding all of that, then they are the ones to blame, not individual collectors who may try to maximize a profit made available by the conjoining of Hasbro's actions and the widespread popularity of both SW in general, and Vader in particular.

    To be perfectly honest, if I were in a position where I acquired some ultra-rare Fett fig in a situation like this, I would immediately try to maximize as much profit from the piece as I could, to help fund the expansion of my Vader and Yoda collections. And that would be my prerogative. So I don't see how the situation is any different here, with respect to SirSteve. I may not be terrible happy that he had access to a couple of these figures, while I didn't, but I don't fault him for trying to unload one of them, because, again, the fault lies with Hasbro for creating at least the perception of extreme scarcity of this piece in the first place.

    Oh well, just my opinion.
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    Originally posted by delvec
    First of all I am not jealous-
    I have the figure too.

    Its just not right!
    Well consider yourself one of those lucky enough to have one.

    Let it go....
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    Okay, I said I was done with this but now I'm really mad.

    I'm personally calling delvec out on this one.

    I think you should shut the **** up!

    Here you are waving this flag of anti-scalping, Salem Witch Hunting, burn SirSteve at the stake bull$$$$ and turn around and wave the fact that you already have one of these figures in everyones face. I hope the damn thing melts in your hand!

    You have the gall to perpetuate this crap and then rub it in other's faces that you have one. If you ever put that thing on ebay, I hope you get negative bids! I don't care if the money would save your dog's, cat's, fish's or what ever pet you may have, life. (Notice I said pet b/c if was a loved one, you better sell the darn thing! )

    I hate b/s like this and you just shut the door on your own argument. Go away and stare at your exclusive so we can get back to talking about SW!:happy:
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    thank you Sidiously Darth,Well said.SS keep it up and ignore them,They'll go away
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Bravo Sidiously Darth. I totally agree with you!
    Treat your stepmother with respect Pantera, or you'll be sleeping in the streets!!

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    Sidiously Darth is layin the smack down on his candy ***$!!
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