As a die-hard Vader collector, I was more than a little bit chagrinned to learn that Hasbro had concocted a Vader silver anniversary fig exclusive to Toy Fair. I hate it when companies do stuff like this to collectors. This promises to be the SW equivalent of the 1701 Series of figs in the Playmates Star Trek TNG line.

Of course, I like the look of it, and I really want one, but given that I (like most collectors nationwide) don't live in New York City, I guess I can look forward to paying hundreds of dollars for this piece on ebay. Thanks Hasbro. You affirm my exceedingly low opinion of you and your collective regard for collectors on an almost daily basis. This is but a crowning achievement.

If the Hasbrokers were going to pull something like this with one of the core collectible characters, why couldn't they have released it at Celebration II instead. At least then a lot more collectors from across the country would have had a crack at getting one for less than $300-500 (or whatever they'll end up costing on ebay).