View Poll Results: Which is the best figure from TAC wave 1?

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  • Galactic Marine

    30 40.00%
  • Mustafar Lava Miner

    7 9.33%
  • R2-D2

    1 1.33%
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    0 0%
  • Mace Windu

    2 2.67%
  • Airborne Trooper

    11 14.67%
  • Super Battle Droid

    7 9.33%
  • Concept Stormtrooper

    17 22.67%
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    Best Figure of TAC - wave 1

    We'll start off the "best figure of 2007" poll series with its natural beginning...

    Which figure do you consider the best from TAC (30th Anniversary Collection) basic wave 1?

    You can use whatever criteria you wish, it's entirely up to you. Maybe you just like the coin, or you were glad to find it, or its articulation was perfect, or you found one painted flawlessly. Whatever makes it the best in your book is fair game.

    When we get to the end of the line, we'll put the winners up against each other.

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    Even though the Galactic marine can still easily be found, it shouldn't detract from the fact that it's an excellent figure.

    It benefits from Super articulation. Not to mention the battle damage/dirt applied was by hand, therefore giving it some serious variance. I've never liked battle damage on figures before this one.

    That it has a removable helmet is a cool bonus feature.

    So that's my vote for this wave.

    Thanks to JT for taking my idea and running with it.
    That's sinceere too, not jesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post

    Thanks to JT for taking my idea and running with it.
    That's sinceere too, not jesting.
    Props to both JT and Sal. This will be a fun poll.

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    I had to go with the Air Borne Trooper. I would have gone with the Galactic Marien, but a snow trooper would have just clashed with the rest of my figures on my book shelf. Though I didn't know its helmet came off too. I may have to think about getting one now.

    Anyway, I went with the Air borne trooper for the same reasons you went for the galactic marine, only I like the desighn of the Air borne trooper more. Close call though, since the GM was done well.

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    I cast my vote for the McStormie - while the Marine was a great figure, I'm a huge art fan and McQuarrie fan so McStormie is the one for me.
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    Galactic Marine.

    So how many days before each new poll is up? There are 8 waves or "8 1/2" plus battle packs, comic packs, etc?
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    I'm doing staggered polls every 3 days, the polls run 6 days, so what'll happen is I'll unstick this thread when wave 2 goes up, when wave 3 goes up this poll will close. My only concern is that once wave 8 goes up, there will be a 6-day gap of polls until the winners poll goes up, and that'd be on the 30th so we wouldn't have a true winner until the first week of '08.

    With the gap, I could start wave 1 with the losers poll (I may not do the losers in waves, but cherry-pick them from either personal tastes or the results on these polls).

    With the end-date of the whole shebang though, that's another problem, and the only way I can think of to address it is starting polls every 2 days instead of 3, but that to me might be overkill. Even if I don't include wave 7.5 in the poll (since they're all crappy repaints and there's no McQuarrie), every 3 days would still end the poll the day after new year's.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Keep it as it is, as I think it'll be overkill if you do them that often. Theres no rush

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    I went with the Galactic Marine. It is a really nice figure. Good articulation and worth it. Too bad I didnt need alot of them(4 only) for the death to Ki-Adi scene.
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    Super Battle Droid


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