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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Belatedly so, Happy Birthday none the less JabbaJohn! That's a sweet haul you got there, especially that Naboo Fighter - I had forgotten it existed after giving up hope of seeing it - was it a surprise or something someone tracked down from your list?
    Thanks! I had helped my mom order the case from Entertainment Earth as it was unavailable everywhere else. I should be getting the green Fighter Tank for Christmas and I'll either sell or donate Anakin's Starfighter. It's a great ship, about the size of the original but with more play features and cockpit details. It's a shame that this didn't make it to US retail - I'd love to get a few more.

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    Happy Birthday your eminence!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Happy Birthday your eminence!
    Thanks! It was a nice, low-key one. It was a little different having it the same weekend as Thanksgiving since that came so late this year, but I guess it was just a holiday double whammy.

    For historical purposes, here's the haul, thanks to my family and girlfriend:

    Star Wars stuff
    *Slave I - Boba Fett's Spaceship (Amazon Exclusive)
    *Droid Factory set (Amazon Exclusive)
    *Battle of Geonosis: Jedi Knights (Sephjet Josall, Sarissa Jeng, Roan Shryne, Clone Commander Ponds)
    *Anakin's Jedi Starfighter (2013 Class II TCW version)
    *The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Five DVD
    *The Book of Sith by Dan Wallace
    *Build R2-D2 papercraft
    *Episode I 3D playing cards
    *A New Hope foreign poster shirt
    *Boba Fett/Cloud City Empire Strikes Back shirt

    Other stuff
    *Breaking Bad: The Final Season Blu-ray
    *Breaking Bad stained glass Heisenberg shirt
    *Breaking Bad character montage shirt
    *The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray
    *Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman
    *Arcade Fire - Reflektor CD
    *dark blue plaid shirt
    *$24 Toys R Us gift card

    My girlfriend also got me two SW cards - one with Obi-Wan and audio that says "In my experience, there's no such thing as luck" (which I quote all too often) and another that says "You send my heart into hyperspace."
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    That's an awesome list JabbaJohn! Happy Birthday!
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    Happy birthday, Mr. L! Hope you're wrecking NYC, party safe but party hard! Or just have fun, whatevs.
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    Happy birthday to a fellow December arrival. Our time is now!
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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