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    Tell me about your non-SW hobby...

    Just curious what the folks here do to entertain themselves when they aren't dusting their SW figures. Sports? Crafts? Hunting?

    My recent hobby has become geocaching. I say recent but it's been almost 2 years since I started. For those that aren't aware of geocaching, it's simply finding hidden containers in the woods/cities/parks/etc. using nothing more than provided coordinates and a handheld GPS. I'll admit that on paper it seems a bit absurd but we've come to enjoy the time outdoors that it provides us.

    My wife and I came across this hobby after our first date. We lived 2+ hours apart and were looking for something to do in her neck of the woods when I was going to drive up there for the first time. I can't quite remember what brought it to our attention but since my dad had a GPS we could borrow we thought we'd give it a shot. We were hooked right away. It turned out to be a great way to explore an area, no matter how familiar. Over the course of a few days we had hiked through the 4 corners of her town and beyond, even going to places she never even knew existed. Next time she visited me we tried it in my area and once again we had a great time. Having lived here for 30 years I thought I had seen it all but even now we're still being pointed to parks I never new existed.

    Geocaching turned out to be a great date idea. Beyond the initial GPS purchase it only cost us batteries occasionally and gas for the car. Another aspect we like is that the database of geocaches is made up of "caches" created by the folks who do this as a hobby. Anyone involved can create a cache by placing a container of any size out in the world and posting the coordinates online for others to find. Some of the geocaches are quite entertaining as they'll take you to a historical or famous location which being a little bit of a history nerd I rather like. For example, there is a cache hidden at the memorial for the May 4th shootings at Kent State. Man, I even went to school there and never once went to the memorial until we found that placed cache.

    In the ultimate geocaching nerd move I created a cache to propose to my wife. One morning I woke her to tell her that a new cache had been placed in the park near our house that we've enjoyed hiking through. I thought we should give it a try so we jumped in the car and headed out. So deep in the woods she found the camouflaged container but rather than there being a logbook inside she found my marriage proposal. She got a real kick out of that. Soon after that we published the coordinates online so others could find our engagement cache. Friends and family have enjoyed find it as well.

    Well that sums up my major non-SW hobby. Now I'm starting to get an itch for woodworking. Thanks to home improvement requirements I've got a rather nice collection of tools which are suited for trying to build something new rather than fix something old. We'll see where that goes.

    What things do you enjoy?
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    That sounds pretty cool, and this was a good thread idea.

    I'd like to say filmmaking, but I don't get enough time or good ideas or, in many cases, enough drive to do it.

    A major one is drumming, which I have been doing for a little over a year now. I take lessons and occasionally listen to songs to transcribe the drum beats to play them. I think I'm pretty good, but it's more difficult than most people would probably think. In the same vein I try to play guitar, and I wouldn't call myself great by any stretch of the imagination but I know a few things.
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    As most of my friends here know, I am something of a musician and like to play and jam and come up with new tunes and sometimes actually record stuff even.

    My MAIN hobby is growing Carnivorous plants from around the world. I have like 50+ species from I think 10 different Geni (whatever the plural is). I have bug eating plants in every room BUT the washroom, as well as a swamp outside.

    I think the geo-caching thing is nifty, but I only ride my bicycle and I doubt I could find much of anything in our crummy town.

    A good thread idea to be sure!!
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    Yeah...and some people across the border have been known to get caught up in your passion for carnivorous plants and give it a go themselves ! (Thanks to a lot of coaching from the Master).

    It's definitely a non-SW hobby worth pursuing!
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    I do a lot of camping. I try and go out at least once a month for matter what the weather. At one point I was spending more than 30 days of each year out. This last year I've been out in 100° plus and -30° below weather. I'm not sure how eager I am to do either of those extremes again real soon.

    I'm also a pretty avid cross-country skier. I try and to do every weekend during the ski season. Generally I prefer back country skiing, but not telemarking. I'll likely go out today and see how the snow is. It's still early in the season so I don't know how good it will be.

    My other major hobby is building WWII airplanes. They are 1:48 scale. I like the subject of WWII a lot and the planes are fascinating. Biplanes to jet fighters. Right now I'm working on three planes (I try and keep it to three), a Spitfire Mk IX, MiG-3, and Me 262 A-1. The Spitfire is being painted, so I about three fourth done with it. The other two I still working on the cockpits.

    I think geocaching is dumb. The not active, that's a lot of fun. The word is dumb. Call it what it really is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mabudonicus View Post
    My MAIN hobby is growing Carnivorous plants from around the world. I have like 50+ species from I think 10 different Geni (whatever the plural is). I have bug eating plants in every room BUT the washroom, as well as a swamp outside.

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    I'm a ridiculously ginormous NHL fan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LusiferSam View Post
    I think geocaching is dumb. The not active, that's a lot of fun. The word is dumb. Call it what it really is.

    I thought it sounded pretty cool.

    My other hobbies are collecting comics, which is basically the same as collecting star wars - it's the "getting stuff" that turns me on, as well as the crossing whatever I got off my list of "needed" items.

    Other than collecting, I really like to play ice hockey and softball which I do in their respective seasons. I also enjoy coaching sports, though I haven't been involved in that since our family move last fall.

    I've been thinking lately that I might like to get into reffing football games - not only is it outdoors and active, you get paid a little bit for your time.

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    Post A list? For me? I should've have...

    I make lists. It seems like a joke, but I really do enjoy cataloging, archiving, compiling, contrasting, etc.

    I am addicted to reading, but sadly it's only during times of the year when my teaching is less busy. Surprise: I have a list of all the books I've ever read, at least as many as I can recall or verify.

    I used to be in a fantasy football league, but gave that up a couple years back. I still mentally calculate fantasy points when I see scores and stats on the TV. Surprise: I have lists of stats from the 5 years I was in that league.

    I write, mainly short stories and poems, although not as often as I'd like to do. I have a few ideas for books, and even began an outline of one. Oddly enough, not many lists of these (although I have transferred almost all my work over the years to electronic versions, too).

    I have been the organizer of our department's literary journal the last three years, printing and structuring any writings they've done into a bound color-cover compilation.
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    Diecast models, I go after M3's, 69 Camaro's, Mustang's, R8's, Camaro Concepts and then some movie/tv cars. I have quite a few M3 diecasts.


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