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    Brown haired '77 Luke for $200??

    I was watching this one out of curiosity, never expected it to go this high, but what's the deal?

    It doesn't appear to be a telescoping saber, I've had more than my share of complete brown-haired original Lukes, and they never went for that much.

    Any input?

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    This is the "red" or "orange" hair version, which is the rarest of the three hair colors (if I remember right). The other thing that I noticed right away is how white the figure is. Now that may be just the photo, but figure looks to be in very good shape. I think $200 is very high for this type of figure. It's rare, but maybe not as desirable as a DT saber. So I go back to be old stand by answer this this type of question, the true value of an item is what your willing to pay for it.
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    It looks to be very pristine (look at the left hand, looks fresh out of the mold) but I wouldn't expect that to sell for $200+ either.

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    I think that 200 buckaroos for ANY loose SW fig is too much, even some of the POTF ones, so there's my input on that. My Brown Luke went for $35 about 10 years ago; even tripling that value it's just over $100.
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    The last one I saw sell was on RS and went for $500.
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    Geez! And here I was thinking I had paied a bit too much for a loose R2-D2 with pop up saber from 1984 at 55 dollars.

    200 for a loose figure is just a BIT out of my price range.

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    I saw this Luke earlier, when I was browsing "loose" figures on eBay a couple of days ago. I didn't think it would go that high.
    I know that carded and graded examples go much higher though.

    3 3/4 GI Joes from the 80's seem to do just as well, even loose ones.
    I have also seen the recent yellow variation error 25th ann. Sargent Stalker go above $100. Now he's back down to $75.

    I think the Christmas frenzy has something to do with it too.
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    If you sell on ebay, Christmas is without a doubt the time to put stuff up.
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    Maybe it had the face of Elvis in his hair?
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