Picked my up a Pax Bonkik last night.

Because of buying stuff for my kid for Christmas, I left these:

30-44: Tycho Celchu (A-Wing Pilot) - already purchased
30-45: Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Spirit)
30-46: R2-D2 (with Cargo Net)
30-47: McQuarrie Signature Series: Concept Han Solo - 2x of these!
30-49: Clone Trooper (7th Legion Trooper) - 2x of these
30-51: R2-B1 (Naboo Astromech Droid) - 2x of these
30-52: Naboo Soldier (Royal Naboo Army) - 2x of these
30-53: Rebel Vanguard Trooper (Star Wars: Battlefront) - 2x of these
30-54: Pax Bonkik (Rodian Podracer Mechanic) - 2x of these, bought 1

Maybe some time I will pick up the ones I dont have, if I can find em again that is.

Didnt see any Hawkbat Battalion or Holographic Vaders. Did see 2x of the McQuarrie Vaders & a UGH Trooper.

Pretty good bunch of stuff there!