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    2008 Wave 2 Titaniums!


    This remarkable Wave 2 case includes the following 12 individually packaged vehicles: 2x Rogue Shadow (Force Unleashed), 2x X-Wing Fighter, 2x Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, 2x Anakin Skywalker's Pod Racer, 2x Slave I, and 2x Battlestar Galactica Viper Mark II. (Subject to change.)

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    Well spotted.

    I really hope that x-wing is a new sculpt. The rogue shadow sounds good as does the mon cal cruiser. I guess the latter will be a new sculpt. The pod racer sounds good -IF- they make at least a few more different ones. The viper and slave 1 repacks are easy passes.

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    Rogue Shadow

    Nicely done, Battle Droid. Here's a pic of it. Should be kewl... kind of a cross between the last Jedi Starfighter and a TIE Interceptor. Don't know if the Titanium version looks exactly like this, though.

    Anakin's podracer is welcome (finally a buddy for the Galoob Sebulba) and the Mon Calimari is joyous... well done, Hasbro. Action Fleet snuffed it just before their Mon Calimari came out... apart from MM and the minis, they've been hard to come by.

    Not so thrilled about another Slave I or X-wing... S-foils changed or not.

    BTW, I just got my TIE Crawler from the Unleashed minis line... it's scaled perfectly to Action Fleet/ Tit Ultra fighters. It's wicked! The Rebel Troop Cart is great for an AF spaceport, too.

    As for the new Viper Mk. II... I'd guess something pretty close to the Comic-con repaint.
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    The X-Wing should be a new sculpt, Hasbro confirmed in '06 in a Q&A that they would be releasing a new sculpt.

    Anakin's Pod will probably be a pretty bad pegwarmer, they should really release Sebulba's pod with it or maybe even first. 'Course, since this is the second unreleased die-cast being released (first being the Naboo Fighter), hopefully this means we'll be getting the Bongo and the MTT too.
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    Anakin's Pod Racer, eh?


    I wonder if Hasbro will make more racers and if they do maybe they will sell a Podracer 5-Pack? (That would ROCK!)


    Where's the Outrider?

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    Weren't they going to re-release the Raw Metal Death Star, too?
    McCoy: What do those super sensitive ears make of that, Mr. Spock?
    Spock: Wood. Rubbing on some kind of leather.

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    It's about time, some new, and good ideas. I'm really geeked about the Mon Cal Cruiser, and Rogue Shadow. And with Hasbro doing a larger Rogue Shadow for the 3 3/4 inch................. sorry, back to the topic. Ani's Pegwarmer, sorry Podracer. I'll pass. The X-wing, I'll get only if it's a new sculpt. Slave-1, most likely. I'm a sucker for Slave-1. I'll have to see the BSG Viper, before I deside.

    And I must repeat, and ask the same question as Warstar....


    Stop teasing us, you had us hooked when you said the Outrider was being made in '08. Please don't make us wait.
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    Since the Outrider discussion has opened the issue...if they don't confirm a TIe Defender by toy fair, I'm done with titaniums.

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    The TIE Defender is a must. If Hasbro, truely want to continue this line it would have to release new molds. How many times are people going to keep going to the store for a Millennium Falcon, X-wing, and whatever else they deside on repainting.

    We already have, what??? 5 Falcons, and with this wave I think 6 Slave-1s. I'm not even going to count the JSFs, they could do. Or have done. They need new molds to keep everone happy, but only 2 new and about 3-4 repaints, a wave will not help this line. And, it's not like they are running short on ships to make. I want GG Wheelbike, Barc Speeder, TIE Defender, Zam's and Anakin's Airspeeders and a Eclipse Star Destroyer. But that's only a REALLY short list, compared to what can ( AND SHOULD ) be done.
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    Holy sh-t Mon Calamari! I want pics ASAP!!!!


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