View Poll Results: Which is the best figure from TAC wave 3?

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  • Darth Vader (w/ Ben's robe base)

    3 4.84%
  • Biggs Darklighter (academy outfit)

    9 14.52%
  • Luke Skywalker (moisture farmer)

    1 1.61%
  • Jawa & LIN Droid

    20 32.26%
  • Imperial Stormtrooper

    14 22.58%
  • Concept Chewbacca

    15 24.19%
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    Best Figure of TAC - wave 3

    Continuing with our "best figure of 2007" poll series...

    Which figure do you consider the best from TAC (30th Anniversary Collection) basic wave 3?

    Remember, you can use whatever criteria you wish, it's entirely up to you. Maybe you just like the coin, or you were glad to find it, or its articulation was perfect, or you found one painted flawlessly. Whatever makes it the best in your book is fair game.

    When we get to the end of the line, we'll put the winners up against each other.

    And if you haven't voted in the Wave 2 poll yet, it'll be open until the 9th.

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    Biggs Darklighter in Academy Uniform all the way!

    I think that part of the responsibility for even getting this figure goes to all of us who voted for him in the giant 2004-2005 "scene-by-scene" poll we did here on SSG for figures never-made-before.

    He came out excellent, too. I don't know why main character head sculpts sucked so bad in so many cases this year (Phil Collins, etc.) but Biggs came out awesome!

    I'm proud to have this figure from the famous "Lost Scenes" in my collection.
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    I gotta give it to the Storm Trooper on this one, it's the Stormy i've always wanted, SA, Removeable helmet, did i mention he was SA!? Great figure and hopefully Hasbro will keep this one on the pegs for a while. Concept Chewy was a hard pass, as was Biggs, but the Trooper just did it for me. Other than those three i thought this was the less exciting wave of the year.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    Jawa and LIN Droid

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    I went with Biggs. The figure is solid. This was definately one of the figures I was looking forward to this year. Even though I am tired of looking at it on the pegs I am happy to have it. The Stormtrooper was nice but the helmet fell off to easily and since that was the only new part of the figure I can't grade it to high. A close second would be the Jawa and Lin Droid. Great all around pack. If I think to much about it I might change my mind again. The concept Chewie was another great figure but this vote really came down to what I wanted more at the time.
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    This thread is called Wave 2.

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    I may be in the minority here, but I gotta give it to the Jawa & LIN droid. I've wanted a LIN droid since I first saw the movie and saw some great customs years later. I really like the SA Stormtrooper, but if you can see a hole in his chest under his chestplate. Love the Biggs, but I'm definitely not a fan of either the McQuarrie concept drawing of Chewie or the actual McChewie figure. I also can't stand the Luke, but gotta love the moisture vaporator. In fact, if that was a choice (for the m.v. alone) I may have chosen that.

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    This was a great wave. It was harder to pick in this wave than the other two. I would have picked the LIN droid but the Jawa had a funky jacket and the droid itself was VERY underscaled.

    The Stormtrooper had a Jango head and it infected my original trilogy.

    The Luke figure was terrible, but it had one of the best accessories of the year. (That would be an interesting poll - best accessory.)

    Biggs would have been the best figure of the wave if it had come with his cape!

    I voted for Concept Chewie. It so retro and looks great. I think it is the tallest figure ever packaged on a card.

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    Some very nice figs in this wave, but only one awesome figure...... Concept Chewie!! My favourite of the McQuarrie series, and a definite contender for my figure of the year.
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    I picked Concept Chewie, it took me forever to track this guy down, but he was definitely worth it. He's lacking ball-joint shoulders, but other than that, he's one of the coolest figures ever.

    A close second would be the Jawa w/ LIN Droid. Well, I'm not too crazy about yet another salt shaker Jawa figure (in fact, I won't buy another Jawa until Hasbro makes him with soft-goods like the vintage figure). But the LIN Droid was really awesome, even if he was a little small. So, considering how I really only like 50% of this set, it loses out to McChewie.

    Academy Biggs was alright, even though he was lacking in detail and articulation and my figure's cape put black stains all over his white coat.

    Darth Vader, it's easily the all-around best Darth Vader figure to date, but the fact that he's yet another Darth Vader figure and has a Hayden head really knocks him way off the top spot for me. I'll happily buy this figure again, if they put Sebastian Shaw's likeness underneath.

    Stormtrooper, how could I not love yet another Jango-headed OT trooper with a deformed, overly-soft, poorly-detailed, removable helmet? You can see that I'm being sarcastic here. That was a pretty dirty trick for Hasbro to finally release an SA OT Stormtrooper in the basic line, then stick a stupid Jango-head underneath his helmet.

    Luke with Moisture Vaporator,.... whatever. I'm not even that thrilled by the Vaporator. I can't recall ever wanting to see one made in 3 3/4" scale.
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